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Test kit for Drugs

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Solutions for testing at Home and the Workplace

SolutionsProfessional advice and information on drug testing, test kits and drug abuse.

Urine drug test kits.

Buy a Test kit for Drugs

Using instant urine drug tests kits can save you time and money. Our urine drug tests provide results in minutes with 99% accuracy. Drug testing kits are simple to use and read, proven to be as accurate as a lab test and FDA 510(k) cleared. No technical training is required as each test has-built in controls.

Oral drug test kits.

Buy a Test kit for Drugs

Oral drug tests use oral fluid from the mouth for analysis. They can be used anywhere without the need for any special equipment or special training. The oral fluid drug test kits are available for both alcohol and drugs. Each test has built-in controls to ensure reliable tests every time.

Surface drug detection.

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The answer for detecting and identifying drug residue, pills, powder and unknown substances on almost any surface including phones, keyboards, credit cards, lockers, bags, air vents. These simple to use test kits detect up to 22 drugs in one test.


Urine adulteration testing.

Urine Adulteration Testing

The result of a drug test can be seriously affected by a donor adding many different chemicals such as bleach to their urine sample. A urine adulterant test is a fast and convenient way to assess the integrity of their sample prior to administering their drug test.

Employer drug testing solutions.

Employer drug testing

FDA approved drug test kits for employees. Affordable drug testing packages tailored for drug testing in the workplace. These kits include full instructions for the employer or administrator to operate and manage a comprehensive ‘in-house’ drug free workplace.

Solutions for drug testing.

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Solutions for drug testing just got a whole lot easier with our wide variety of point of collection testing kits. Suitable for parents, individuals, business owners and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Learn more about how to drug test with our tutorial.

Home drug test kits.

At home drug test kits

Drug testing using our accurate and quick response test kits can help deter your loved ones from the perils of drug abuse. Test them in the privacy of your own home as often as you wish and for whatever drugs you wish in less than five minutes. Low cost 99% accurate testing has never been easier.

Research drug tests.

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There is no way to help drug abuse until the problem has been identified, but with a little help from us, we will get you on your way. The information you need to help choose the best solution whilst using our simple guide will help you understand the differences between tests.

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SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Our drug test kits are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Our products are FDA approved, tested and used by labs throughout the United States. We know how important the accuracy of a drug test is and that's why we are committed to supplying only the most reliable, highest quality products available. Delivering you accurate results and peace of mind.