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Drug Test Kits

Recommended drug and alcohol drugs test kits.

Please read this before ordering test kits.

Drug test kits.

drug test kitsCustomers who buy drug test kits should be aware of using cheap imitations! Our rapid test kits are very affordable and perfectly suited for testing at home, the workplace, schools, colleges, medical centers, drug abuse centers and institutions.

About drug test kits

No matter what drug or drugs you need to test for, drug test kits screen for: Amphetamines (AMP), Barbiturates (BAR), Buprenorphine (BUP), Cocaine (COC), Ecstasy (MDMA), Heroin (6-MAM), K2 Spice (SCA), Marijuana (THC), Methadone (MTD), Methamphetamine (mAMP), Morphine (MOP), Opiates (OPI), Oxycodone (OXY), Phencyclidine (PCP) and Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA). Furthermore all drug test kits meet or exceed Government standards ensuring each tests accuracy.

Methodology of test kits

There are various methodologies available to detect the presence of drugs. Customers generally prefer urine drug test kits because of price, but Oral (saliva) drug test kits are a convenient alternative and cost a little more. Both of are rapid screening products and produce a qualitative result that the user can easily understand. Meaning, yes there is a drug present or no drugs were found. Its' a “YES” or “NO” approach without quantification. Finally, to confirm a presumed positive a lab test is required. Most of all, they will confirm and quantify a presumed positive with a process called Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).

Testing with drug test kits

Drug test kits don't actually detect the parent drug, they generally detect the drug that's metabolized by the body. Many factors influence drug detection and this applies to both urine and saliva drug test kits. Both are very accurate, but accuracy depends on the quality of the drug test kit, how long ago the person took the drug and how much they used. Differences in the person's metabolic rate and the rate of absorption will also affect the outcome. Other factors such as adulterants and diluted specimens can affect the result too. In conclusion the ability to drug test accurately will rely on these aspects.

Instructions for testing

Always refer to the manufacturers instructions but also read our recommended method for "drug testing". Furthermore, if you don't follow the process exactly, you may get erroneous results.  Finally, always use a Drug Adulteration Test Strip prior to drug testing and if you're planning on buying a dip drug test kit, we would recommend you use an appropriate specimen container. Here is an example, it has a temperature test on the side for checking the temperature of the urine sample.

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    SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Our drug test kits are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Our products are FDA cleared, tested and used by organisations throughout the United States. We know how important the accuracy of a drug test is and that's why we are committed to supplying only the most reliable, highest quality products available. Delivering you accurate results and peace of mind.