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When the price is important but getting the right answer from drug analysis is uppermost in your mind, we have you covered. Purchasing from us means that every result will be as accurate as the first.

Buy a test kit is the ‘Leading Supplier’ of Professional Drug Testing Products, designed to meet the testing industry’s needs and demands. Whether it be checking loved ones at home or screening employees in the workplace, our extensive range of drug testing kits has the solution you need. Support articles for all products are included that explain drug testing basics and how to use each test. We have details on substance abuse, drug abuse, and free forms to document your test result.


  • Clarity 10 Panel Rapid Drug Test Kit
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  • 5 Pack at Home Fentanyl Drug Test Kit
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  • Multi-Level Marijuana Drug Test Kit
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  • Specimen Validity Test
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  • Drug Test 10 Drugs
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  • Drug test 5 drugs
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  • A Fentanyl Test Kit to Detect and Identify Fentanyl and Meth
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  • Marijuana Substance Test
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  • Opiate Residue Drug Detection Test
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  • LSD surface drug test kit
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  • Heroin Residue Drug Detection Test
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  • Surface drug testing kits for detecting Drug Residue
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  • 12 Panel Oral Drug Alcohol Test 12 drug test
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  • 6 Panel Oral Drug Test Kit
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  • 5 Panel Drug Test
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  • Surface drug test D4D
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  • Specimen container for urine drug test kits
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Are You testing at home or in the workplace?

Deciding on which device to use for detecting substance abuse depends on whether they are being used in the workplace or used by parents to test loved ones at home. Either situation is critical and essential in getting satisfactory results. There are many choices available, but each option is designed for a specific purpose. See the options below.

Urine Drug Assays

Urine drug test kits are affordable, very reliable, and the best solution for detecting drug abuse. They save you money and time while getting the answers you need in minutes. The results are 99% accurate, easily interpreted, and come with built-in controls to ensure each device works correctly. They are also federally cleared by the FDA with a 510(k) certificate for assured quality. Consequently, no technical training is required, and there is no need for an initial lab test.

Buy a test kit for Urine drug tests

Oral Drug Assays

An oral analysis is becoming more popular, mainly because you can now get them FDA 510 (k) cleared and FDA declassified, either are legally suitable for testing in the workplace or at home. Oral drug test kits use oral fluid from the mouth instead of urine for analysis. Therefore they can be used almost anywhere. There is no need for special equipment and technical training. Oral devices can now analyze both alcohol and drugs in one device. In conclusion, oral drug test kits are a serious alternative to urine tests to detect drug detection.

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Surface Drug Detection

Surface drug detection is a method for detecting and identifying residue, pills, and powder from many surfaces. The devices are very affordable, easy to use, and need no previous experience. The results of your efforts will get you results in minutes. Therefore you can test phones, keyboards, credit cards, lockers, bags, air vents, and more with conclusive results. Furthermore, they can detect over forty (40) illicit substances in one process.

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Testing Loved Ones at Home

Parents often use drug and alcohol analysis on their loved ones at home. It’s an easy process that helps deter the perils of drug and alcohol abuse. Also, they are so affordable they can be used as often as needed without breaking the bank. In conclusion, testing in their own home’s security and privacy is quick, effective, and far cheaper and quicker than lab testing.

Guidance for Workplace Drug Testing

If you don’t test your employees for drugs, now may be time to give it further thought. Urine and oral drug test kits can provide a solution to a “no drugs policy” in your workplace. If you need assistance, Buy a Test Kit has detailed information on getting you started. Tailor your testing based on your workplace environment and our solutions. We can also help with “drug-free” policy development. In conclusion, the process of drug testing is affordable, simple to administer, and will improve your bottom line.

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Buy a Test Kit has the Solutions You Need for Successful Testing

To get the answers you need, the first step is to identify what the problem is. We have compiled related information to help you understand drug abuse. A little help from us will you to put a halt to it once and for all. Our guidelines will help you understand the differences between different drugs, their effects, and how to test for them. In conclusion, our directions on correctly drug testing an individual will help you identify drug abuse.

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