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When the price is important but getting the right answer from a drug analysis is uppermost in your mind, then we have you covered. Purchasing drug test kits direct from us means that every result will be as accurate as of the first.

  • Don’t pay crazy prices at the drug store,
  • choose from our supreme range of drug testing products,
  • at low prices, discreetly packaged,
  • and delivered directly to your door.

Drug testing at home or in the workplace?

Drug testing at home or in the workplace

Urine drug test kits are affordable, very reliable and the best solution for detecting drug abuse. They save you money and time while getting the answers you need in minutes. The results are 99% accurate, easily interpreted and come with built-in controls to ensure each device works correctly. They are also federally cleared by the FDA with a 510(k) certificate for assured quality. Consequently, no technical training is required and there is no need for an initial lab test.

Oral drug test kits

Oral drug test kits

Oral drug analysis is becoming more popular, particularly because you can now get them FDA 510 (k) cleared. Oral drug test kits use oral fluid from the mouth instead of urine for analysis. Therefore they can be used almost anywhere. There is no need for special equipment or technical training. Oral devices can now analyze both alcohol and drugs in one device. In conclusion, oral drug test kits are a serious alternative to urine tests but do have a smaller window of detection.

Surface drug detection

Surface drug detection
Powder or Pills

Surface drug detection is a method for detecting and identifying residue, pills, and powder on many surfaces. Each test is easy to use and doing it yourself is simple. The results of your efforts will get you results in minutes. The affordable process allows you to test for unknown substances on almost any surface. Therefore you can test phones, keyboards, credit cards, lockers, bags, air vents and more with ease. Furthermore, they detect and identify over twenty-two (22) unknown illicit substances with one process.

Testing loved ones at home

Testing loved ones at home
At Home

Parents often use drug and alcohol analysis on their loved ones at home. It’s an easy process and helps deter the perils of drug and alcohol abuse. Also, they are so affordable they can be used as often as needed without breaking the bank. In conclusion, testing in the security and privacy of their own homes is quick, effective and far cheaper and quicker than lab testing.

Guidance for Workplace Drug Testing

Guidance for Workplace Drug Testing

If you don’t test your employees for drugs, now may be time to give it further thought. Urine and oral drug test kits can provide a solution to a “no drugs policy” in your workplace. If you need assistance, Buy a Test Kit has detailed information on getting you started. Tailored systems can be built to suit your workplace environment. We can also help with “drug-free” policy development. In conclusion, the process of drug testing is affordable, simple to administer and will improve your bottom line.

Buy a test kit has the solutions for successful testing

Solutions for successful testing

The first step is to identify what the problem is. We have compiled related information to help you understand drug abuse. And with a little help from us, you will be able to put a halt to drug abuse once and for all. Our guidelines will help you understand the differences between different drugs, their effects and how to test for them. In conclusion our directions on how to correctly drug test an individual will help you identify what drugs are being abused.

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