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When price is important but getting the right answer from a drug test is uppermost in your mind, then Buy a Test Kit has you covered.  Buying drug and alcohol test kits from us means that every test will be as accurate as the last with 99% accuracy.

We supply only the best test kits available and sell them to you at the lowest price possible. Furthermore, our policy is to never compromise on quality or accuracy. This is all backed by years of experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our store has a comprehensive range of quality drug alcohol test kits shipped same day in discrete packaging.

Urine drug test kits.

Buy a Test Kit for drug and alcohol testing

Buy a Test Kit recommends urine drug tests kits for identifying drug abuse. They are easy to use, simple to interpret and produce quick consistent results for a variety of drugs.  Urine drug test kits are very accurate, carrying FDA 510(k) clearance and in most cases are CLIA waived for use by doctors and hospitals. The built-in controls mean there is no need for technical training. And as a consequence, they can be used by anyone at a moment’s notice. Quick results without the need for a lab test, that’s all you need!

Oral drug test kits.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test Kit

Oral drug test kits are great for when no bathroom is available. They are designed to produce quick results from saliva within the mouth. Other advantages are; non gender specific, making them suitable for male and females, very difficult to adulterate and can detect both alcohol and drugs in one test. No special equipment or training required as each test has built-in controls ensuring accurate results every time.  In conclusion they are up to 99% accurate, non invasive and non gender specific. FOR FORENSIC USE ONLY.

Surface drug detection.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test Kit

Buy a Test Kit recommends surface drug detection kits. They are designed to detect and identify unknown drug residue from pills, powder and trace amounts from many surfaces. Each test is easy to use and doing it yourself is simple. The process is affordable allowing you to test for drug residue on clothing, worktops, phones, keyboards, credit cards, bags, air vents in minutes. The results of your efforts will positively identify drugs have been in your home or work-place showing proof of your suspicions. Furthermore they can detect over forty (40) drugs without anyone knowing you’ve been there.

Urine adulteration testing.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test Kit

Buy a Test Kit recommends checking each urine sample prior to testing for drugs. This simple test with alert your to urine adulteration by the donor. Their objective of course is to get a negative result, so they add a chemical to their sample to mask drug abuse.  There are many ways they can do this, but with a simple adulterant test their efforts will be detected. In conclusion, it is recommended you use this test prior to every drug test to assess the integrity of their urine. This ensures the result from the drug test is accurate and reliable.

Employer drug testing kits.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test Kit

Buy a Test Kit recommends drug testing your employees to ensure their safety in the workplace. Help prevent accidents, theft and loss in productivity from drug abuse happening in your workplace. Drug test your employees with a Urine and Oral drug test kit is the solution to a “No Drugs” tolerance in your place of work. It’s easy to setup and administer, but if you need assistance, we have detailed information on testing and a “drug free employer policy boilerplate” to get you started. The process of drug testing is very affordable, simple to administer,effective and will inevitably improve your companies bottom line.

Solutions for drug testing.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test Kit

Parents, individuals and organizations rely on help with drug testing. Read in depth information on deciding what drugs to test for, how a drug test works, how to drug test successfully and identify donors that are trying to cheat. Not sure what drug or alcohol tests you need?  There is an array of helpful topics suitable for the many aspects of drug testing. And these topics will give you the confidence you are doing it right.

Home drug test kits.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test KitParents use drug and alcohol test kits to drug test their loved ones at home. They know that random drug testing helps deter the perils of drug and alcohol abuse. And the low prices mean they can affordably test as often as they need in the confines of your own home. Finally, when comparing a lab test to a home test, there is no wait time for the result, it’s far more convenient, very accurate and the results are instant. In conclusion, testing in the privacy of your own home is the effective low cost solution to drug abuse.

Identifying Drug Abuse.

Top Tier Drug Test Kits from Buy a Test KitIdentifying drug abuse is the first step. We have assembled a lot of information to help you understand drug abuse and how to detect it. With a little help from us we can help you put a halt to drug abuse once and for all. Our guidelines help you understand different drugs, their effects and how to test for them. In conclusion, testing for the right drugs and correctly testing an individual is essential to getting the answers you need.

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