Are drug test kits good value? Yes if you purchase from a reputable source

I was researching drug test kits and came across this article from a person who bought five over-the-counter drug test kits from a Dollar Tree store. It made me laugh knowing that unregulated drug test kits are not FDA approved for a reason.

I can’t believe Dollar Tree sells marijuana drug test kits. My nephew bought 5 of them just for the hell of it. He did it first and tested positive. Which doesn’t surprise me but–I took it, and it came back positive. I don’t smoke. Haven’t in a very, very long time. My wife took it; she has never smoked it, it came back positive. My nephew got our dogs piss and tested it, and that came back positive.


For some reason, people will continually buy drug test kits from sources that are dubious mainly because they are cheap.  In this case, $1.00 bought them a marijuana drug test. These cheap tests are inaccurate and not FDA cleared.  If used by a parent to determine if their child has smoked marijuana, it may produce erroneous results. Getting a bargain is one thing, but buying a cheap drug test kit is a waste of time and money!

Many of these are from unknown sources where quality control is based on price; cut-off levels are often inconsistent there is no consistency in quality and can vary from batch to batch, and may produce false positives from common OTC drugs. It is a dangerous practice to buy these unless you are buying them for a joke!

The question is, are drug test kits good value?

Yes, they represent excellent value providing you know what you are buying and where you are buying them from.  Do your research and don’t just buy the first one you see. The problem is, where do you get good value and a good product? Well, when we set up this website, that was our focus. We would only sell good-quality drug test kits.

If you buy a cheap test from an unknown source, you will get what you pay for, and don’t expect it to work with any degree of reliability. On the other hand, if you purchase from a reputable source you are likely to get a quality product. The consequences of getting a false result, whether positive or negative from a cheap test could be devastating to you, your child or an employee.

Are drug test kits good value

Are drug test kits good value from CVS, Walgreens or the Dollar Store?

Have you ever bought a product from your local CVS or Walgreens because it caught your eye and looked impressive from the outside? You only realize after you have purchased it that the item inside was disappointing, well I have! Often these products could have been boxed in a quarter of the size and at a fraction of the cost. Of course, that wouldn’t help the retailer sell their products. The drug store wants to make big profits on everything they sell, so fancy boxes have to be eye-catching with WOW statements to make you buy. What is the answer? We all know the truth, buy from a reputable specialist.

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