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Benefits of 5 panel drug tests

Drug cut-off levels

Benefits of 5 panel drug tests

They are simple to administer, quick and efficient way to detect substance abuse from an individual. Some of the most common illegal substances taken by people are marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and cocaine. Intake of a substance can have harsh effects on the health of the abuser as well as in the workplace where he/she works.

All these aforementioned drugs give various intoxication after-effects which are slowing down the thinking as well as the reaction time of an individual. Amphetamines can cause a lack of concentration, memory loss, impaired coordination, confusion, etc. These may result in mishaps and unwanted accidents at workplaces and in worst cases, deaths. Therefore, it becomes essential to check for substance abuse in your employees on a regular basis.

Benefits of 5 panel drug tests

There are many types of testing methods available today, but the most popular is a urine test using a 5-panel drug test.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Low cost: Each test may only cost less than $5. Compare that to a lab cost of $50 and above.
  • Easy to understand: No training is required to use them.
  • Quick: Results typically take less than five minutes.
  • Cost-effective: Administering a test gets the results to the decision-makers within minutes.
  • User-friendly: Anyone of us can use the 5 panel drug test kit, as it is very user-friendly. You just have to follow the systematic procedure mentioned in the kit. You can find these kits in both cups as well as dip card forms.
  • Detect Multiple Drugs: 5 panel tests are highly effective in testing the five major classes of drugs mentioned earlier.
  • Other benefits of 5 panel drug tests are it detects the presence of five major drug classes from a single sample simultaneously.

In conclusion: The benefits of 5 Panel Drug Tests ensure that when you conduct tests on your employees, it’s a safe and smart way to boost worker productivity. Testing is quick, effective, low cost and easy to administer. And when you test on a regular schedule, you keep a tab on the drug abuse habits among your employees and thus, you can avoid potentially unwanted consequences on your firm. This is because testing drug abuse and guiding them about the harmful effects on the body will help abusers to quit the habit.

The benefits of 5 panel drug tests for testing employees are priceless. One can never measure how much money you can save, but government statistics suggest that the savings can amount to thousands of dollars per year. And don’t forget that if you demonstrate to your insurance company that you test all your employees, your premiums may well go down. It’s a win-win for every company.

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