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Benefits of 5 panel drug tests

Benefits of 5 panel drug tests are they are simple to administer, quick and efficient way to detect drug abuse from an individual. Some of the most common illegal drugs taken by people are marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, phencyclidine and cocaine. Intake of a drug can have harsh effects on the health of the abuser as well as on the workplace where he/she works.

All these aforementioned drugs give various intoxication after effects and they are slowing down the thinking as well as reaction time, ecstasy, lack of concentration, memory loss, impaired coordination, confusion etc. These may result in mishaps and unwanted accidents at workplaces and in worst cases, deaths. Therefore, it becomes essential to check for drug abuse in your employees on a regular basis.

Benefits of 5 panel drug testsThere are many types of drug testing methods available today, but the most preferred among them is the 5 panel drug test kit for the reasons listed below:

  • Benefits of 5 Panel Drug Tests : 5 panel test kits are mostly used for detecting drug abusers, who indulge in abuse of some of the common drugs in the workplace. These kits are quite easy to perform, use, dependable, save time as well as detect presence of various drugs in the abuser.
  • Quick: You can get instant results with 5 panel tests, as they give out accurate and quick results.
  • Cost-effective: These types of panel tests are affordable. You can detect the presence of five drugs from a single sample simultaneously. Thus, you do not need to perform separate tests for different types of drugs.
  • User-friendly: Anyone of us can use the 5 panel drug test kit, as it is very user friendly. You just have to follow the systematic procedure mentioned on kit. You can find these kits in both cup as well as dip card forms.
  • Detect Multiple Drugs: 5 panel tests are highly effective in testing the five major classes of  drugs mentioned earlier.
  • Test regularly: A regular schedule for substance abuse will keep a tab on the drug abuse habits among your employees and thus, you can avoid potentially unwanted consequences on your firm. This is because testing drug abuse and guiding them about the harmful effects on body will help abusers to quit the habit.

Ensure that you conduct tests on your employees in a safe and smart way to boost the productivity in your firm as well as of the employee.

In conclusion, the benefits of 5 panel drug tests are that they are quick, effective, low cost and easy to administer.

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