Workplace drug testing policy & procedures for employees

○ Do you have a Workplace drug testing policy? Testing an employer for substance abuse can help determine if the employee or job applicant is abusing drugs.  It will identify evidence of recent substance abuse, particularly prescription and illicit substances.   As an employer, it is important you set out and implement a clear and concise employer workplace policy. Make sure that every employee is aware of its contents and clearly state your position to substance abuse within the workplace. Part of your implementation should include employee education about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse while working in safety-sensitive areas, ... Read more

The dangers of workplace drug abuse

Workplace drug abuse Substance abuse in the workplace may not be evident, but statistically at least one of your employees will be abusing. The question is, what are you doing about it? Are you currently doing any testing? If you are, are you following a strict policy of no to drugs? The figures for substance abuse in the United States of America are astounding. Here are statistics from the American Council for Drug Education. 60% of the world’s illegal drugs are consumed by Americans. 2,000,000 Americans use heroin. 6,000,000 use cocaine. 18,000,000 suffer from alcohol abuse. 23,000,000 people use marijuana at least ... Read more

Learn more about substance abuse

Stuff you should know about substance abuse, the symptoms, and properties. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is often painful for families and friends as abuse is difficult to understand. We have put together a list of commonly abused drugs showing their effects and symptoms. Moreover, we have provided links to products that detect these drugs. Nicotine Metabolites Cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine is an analyte for the determination of tobacco usage. You can detect the level of cotinine detected in urine, but it is influenced by a variety of factors including; the type of tobacco used, filtered vs. nonfiltered cigarettes, ... Read more

Buying a drug test kit from the experts

Analyzing with different drug test panels. Before buying a drug test kit do some research to decide what drugs you need to test for. Make sure the test you buy includes them. Our tip is to buy a test that analyzes more than you need because often abusers take more than one drug or may even switch to another if they think you are on to them. Finally, before you perform the analysis, read the product instructions thoroughly to make sure you understand the process and how to use it properly. Guidelines to help parents Your guide for the best ... Read more

Can you tell who is abusing drugs and medications?

Abusing drugs Do you know who is using drugs around you? It’s not necessarily who you think or what you think! Most people believe that prescription drugs are safe because a doctor prescribed them. The fact is they are only safe when prescribed and taken in accordance with the doctor’s specific orders. Proper usage of prescription drugs can help people protect their health and be more productive in life. But, when taken for non-medical or recreational purposes, prescription drugs are no safer than illicit or street drugs. The misconception of prescription drugs as legal and safe, even when abused, is particularly strong. Sources ... Read more

How to test for oxycodone with an opioid drug analysis

Drug Abuse. The attraction of Oxycontin® as a preferred drug of abuse over other products such as Percodan® and Percocet® is there are no associated toxic side effects. Abusers will either chew the tablets prior to swallowing, crush the tablets and snort the powder or crush them and dissolve in water and inject it. This allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream producing a powerful euphoric high. About Oxycontin. Oxycontin® is the trade name of one of many Schedule II prescription drugs that contain the opioid oxycodone as the active ingredient. Opioids refer to a class of synthetic drugs and ... Read more