Here’s How to Buy a 5 Panel Drug Screen for Only $1.49 each?

Wow! Why is the price so low?

Often when a product is cheap there must be something wrong with it. It confirms the saying “It’s too good to be true” Well not always, let’s check out the specs.

A 5 panel drug screen is a simple product designed to detect five drugs of abuse. It does this by sampling an individual’s urine specimen and within a few minutes indicate the result of the test.

Five panels, each panel detects one drug of abuse.

  1. Marijuana. Legal in many states.
  2. Amphetamines. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  3. Methamphetamine. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  4. Cocaine. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  5. Opiates. A Schedule I, II, III,  V, controlled substance.

5 panel drug screen benefits

  • Complies to Federal requirements for sensitivity and accuracy
  • FDA 510(K) certified – The Federal Drug Administration has certified this device
  • CLIA waived – Approved for-sale over the counter
  • Suitable for use at home – Order one and try it
  • Suitable to use in the workplace – Order a box of 25 for better value
  • 99% accurate – Accuracy is important, and this test has typically up to 99% accuracy
  • Very easy to use – Unwrap the device and dip into a fresh urine sample
  • Works instantly – Pinkish/red bars appear within minutes
  • Easy to interpret – The results appear on the face of the assay and interpreted visually.

Specifics for this 5 panel drug screen

Drug (Identifier) Calibrator Cut-off Level Minimum
Detection Time
Detection Time
Amphetamine (AMP) d-Amphetamine 1000 ng/mL 2-7 hours 1-2 days
Cocaine (COC) Benzoylecgonine 300 ng/mL 1-4 hours 2-4 days
Methamphetamine (mAMP) D(+)-Methamphetamine 1000 ng/mL 2-7 hours 2-4 days
Opiate (OPI) Morphine 2000 ng/mL 2 hours 2-3 days
Cannabinoids (THC) 11-nor-9-THC-9-COOH 50 ng/mL 2 hours Over 5 days

Order your 5 panel drug screen today!

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This is without doubt the best value drug test on the market today. They are 99% accurate, results appear within three minutes. This works out to only thirty five cents per drug tested.