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How to buy a 5 panel drug screen for $1.78 each

Buy a 5 panel drug screen from $1.78

Wow! Why are they so cheap?

Often when a product is cheap there must be something wrong with it. It confirms the saying “Its too good to be true” Well not always, let’s check out the specs.

Five panels, each panel detects one drug of abuse.

  1. Marijuana. Legal in many states.
  2. Amphetamines. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  3. Methamphetamine. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  4. Cocaine. A Schedule II controlled substance.
  5. Opiates. A Schedule I, II, III,  V controlled substance.

5 panel drug screen benefits

  • Complies to Federal requirements for sensitivity and accuracy
  • FDA 510(K) certified – The Federal Drug Administration has certified this device.
  • CLIA waived – Approved for-sale over the counter.
  • Suitable for use at home – Order one and try it.
  • Suitable to use in the workplace – Order a box of 25 for better value.
  • 99% accurate – Accuracy is important and this test has only 1% error.
  • Very easy to use – Unwrap the device and dip into a fresh urine sample.
  • Works instantly – Pinkish/red bars appear within minutes.
  • Easy to interpret – The results appear on the face of the assay
5 panel drug screen instructions

Order this 5 panel drug screen today!

  • Guaranteed 100% quality.
  • Guaranteed 100% accuracy.
  • Easy to order, no account setup.
  • Pay by Credit card or PayPal.
  • Same-day shipping.
5 panel drug screen
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We have been in the drug testing industry for many years. Our challenge is to help minimize drug abuse in the workplace and to help parents understand how to test their loved ones and keep them away from drugs.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Our drug test kits are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Our products are FDA cleared, tested and used by organisations throughout the United States. We know how important the accuracy of a drug test is and that's why we are committed to supplying only the most reliable, highest quality products available. Delivering you accurate results and peace of mind.
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