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Buying a drug test kit

Buying a drug test kit for screening drug abuse.

Buying a drug test kit for drugs need not be difficult. Do your research and decide what drugs you need to test, but make sure that it detects the drugs you chose and not just the cheapest you could find. Make sure the test you buy detects the drugs you need and include some you don’t because often abusers take more than one drug and may even switch to another if they think you are on to them. Finally before you perform the test, read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you understand the process and how to use it properly.

Process for testing.

  • Remove the device from the sealed wrapper, and place on a flat surface.
  • Ask the donor to provide 30 to 100 ml of urine in a cup.
  • It is a good idea to check the temperature as donors have been known to provide fake samples.
  • Check that the sample temperature is within 93 to 98°F.
  • If it’s not don’t accept the sample. Ask the donor to provide a new sample. Remember to check the temperature again.
  • Check that the sample has an odor, also observe the color of the sample.
  • If you are satisfied that the sample is satisfactory, then proceed with the testing.

Buying a drug test kitDip drug test kit.

  • Remove the cap from the device and immerse the tips of the device into the urine for 20 seconds.
  • Remove from the urine and replace the cap.
  • NOTE. Only immerse the tips, not the whole device into the urine.
  • Place on a flat surface and wait for the results to appear.

Buying a drug test kitCup drug test kit.

  • For cups the process is slightly different. This depends to some extent on the brand. In this example we will use the EliteScreen Eco cup.
  • Unscrew the cup lid and place on one side.
  • Ask the donor to provide a sample of urine to the level marked on the cup.
  • Check the temperature is in range; 93 to 98°F.
  • Once confirmed, reattach the lid and wait for 3 minutes then remove the label from the face of the cup.
  • Within a few minutes the results will appear. You will start to see a colored lines appear in the window.
  • Within five minutes the results will have fully developed.


  • Negative: two lines appear. (C) and (T) lines.
  • Invalid: no lines appear or the (C) control line is not present.
  • Presumed positive: control line (c) is visible but the test line (T) is not apparent.

Buying a drug test kit

In the case of a presumed positive the urine sample should be packaged and sent to a SAMSHA approved laboratory. This is important as the result needs to be confirmed. The confirmation will quantify the amount of drug(s) found.

The amount found can be used as a reference to compare against future test results.

Buying a drug test kit for marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

First of all visit sites like For more information, visit NIDA

Buy a drug test kit need not be a worry, there is plenty of help all over the web.

Especially relevant is how many panels the drug test has. Having 5 panels for instance can test for five drugs simultaneously each panel will display the result for that specific drug. Using this kind of test is a sure way to detect the most commonly abused drugs by using urine.

There are other drugs that can be screened too, these include, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone and oxycodone.

There are over twenty different drugs that can be tested in this way when you buy a test kit.

Remember when buying a drug test kit that tests for the drugs you wish to test for. Keep them handy for when you might need to use them again. Reasons for testing may include: reasonable suspicion, which includes unusual behavior, paraphernalia found, monitoring rehabilitation, post accident, return back to work and pre-employment.

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We have been in the drug testing industry for many years. Our challenge is to help minimize drug abuse in the workplace and to help parents understand how to test their loved ones and keep them away from drugs.

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Did you know?

Drug testing in the home and the workplace has become a necessity because of widespread prescription drug abuse. Families are deteriorating because of loved ones becoming addicted to illicit and prescription drugs. Drug abuse often starts at the bathroom cabinet. Check it regularly and dispose of outdated or unfinished prescriptions in a responsible way.

The average employer is unknowingly wasting thousands of dollars a year due to drug related workplace issues. Drug testing your employees saves lives and helps prevent addiction.

Every drug test kit supplied by us is made to the highest standard ensuring the result is as reliable and accurate as the last. Always follow manufacturer's recommendations when testing, otherwise you may get an erroneous result.

Drug test like an expert!

Refer to our detailed testing instructions and test like an expert. We have compiled a thorough instruction sheet so you can confidently initiate and complete a drug test with confidence. The instructions were compiled by our in-house technicians who have received advanced training from DATIA and Department of Transport.

Here is a link to the INSTRUCTIONS