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We established our company to fulfill a gap in the industry, a place where you could get help, understand and learn about drug abuse. And a place where you can buy low-priced quality test kits for analyzing individuals for drug and alcohol abuse.

This all came about because we lost a loved one to drug and alcohol abuse. We tried without success to get help; we went round and round in circles being referred from one place to another until we were back to where we started. We were so desperate to get help, but in the end, it was too late. The whole family was devastated by the loss.

Drug and alcohol abuse affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. We decided that people who needed help could use a service that would help with testing individuals for whatever reason.

All the products we supply are carefully picked and tested for quality and reliability before offering them to you. We feel very confident that you are getting the best value in kits and plenty of information derived from our experiences over the years.

Our Mission.

We are very passionate about what we do and how we help our customers with drug testing.

When the price is important but getting the right answer from a drug test is uppermost in your mind, then Buy a Test Kit has you covered.  Buying drug and alcohol test kits from us means that every test will be as accurate as of the last with 99% accuracy. 

We supply only the best test kits available and sell them to you at the lowest price possible. Furthermore, our policy is to never compromise on quality or accuracy all backed by years of experience in the drug and alcohol testing industry.

Our store has a comprehensive range of quality drug alcohol test kits shipped the same day in discreet packaging.

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