Drug Residue Test for Detecting and Identifying Drugs of Abuse

Drug residue test for unknown substance detection.

With the advent of new testing technologies, it’s now feasible to detect and identify trace or residual amounts of many illicit and prescription drugs. Surface drug testing kits can identify unknown substances within minutes.

These products are low priced, convenient to use with almost instant results. Government organizations use them to quickly identify unknown powder, pills, and liquid at airports, ports, and border crossings. Homeland Security, DEA, businesses, and parents at home all use them to combat drug use and abuse.

The results shown below rely on colorimetric technology. It uses a specially formulated paper combined with a liquid chemical. Rub the special paper over the suspect area, then add a few drops of the liquid to the paper. The result appears instantly as a color change. Compare the color with the chart to interpret your result.

How do I know if I detected an illicit substance with a Drug Residue test?

The images below show results from the analysis of the three independent tests. They each identified Marijuana, Cocaine, and Amphetamine. The analysis paper changes color as soon as a few drops of the chemical liquid is applied. The product instructions show the colors produced for different substances detected. Each kit produces different colors to highlight the drug found.

What drugs can be detected with a Drug Residue Test?

These kits can detect and identify many different compounds, here are some examples:

Links to Illicit Substances Links to Prescription Products
Cocaine. Hydrocodone.
Opiates. Methadone.
Marijuana. Morphine.
Bath Salts. Oxycodone.
Methamphetamine. Propoxyphene.
LSD. Ketamine.
K2-Spice. Diazepam.
Heroin. Phenobarbital.
Ecstasy. Buprenorphine.

Who uses these tests?

Until recently, it was only possible to detect residue with specialized equipment by Homeland security at airports, shipping ports, and the DEA, but now with this new technology, these products can be used by anyone, anywhere!

Where can a Drug Residue Test be used?

You can use a residue detection kit almost anywhere you suspect signs of abuse. Examples include paraphernalia, motor vehicles, credit cards, work surfaces, paper, baggies, paper money, etc. Use these kits around the home, in bedrooms, kitchens, computer keyboards, and doorknobs. Use them in cars, trucks, boats, in fact, almost anywhere you suspect abuse. They can be used without professional experience and benefit from being non-hazardous and inexpensive.

In conclusion, if you suspect drug use around the home or your workplace, using a drug residue test kit, it’s now possible to know what the substance is, quickly, conveniently, and at a minimal cost. As the test does not destroy the evidence, there will be no sign of your investigation.

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