Drug test kit Reviews

Drug test kit Reviews – Do you buy Quality or Cheap?

Drug test kit reviews.

Ever wonder why there are significant differences in price between different test kits?

Heard the saying “You get what you pay for” or “It’s too good to be true?” Well, the chances are it probably is! The outcome of the analysis whether in the workplace or at home could change someone’s life forever. The quality of the drug testing kit you purchase is the first thing to consider, but correctly performing the test is essential too.

drug test kit reviews

Guidelines for testing

Use our guidelines for testing individuals; This will at least ensure that the test is being completed professionally and reduce possible errors or donor cheating.

We cannot stress enough that buying a quality drug test kit will give you accurate and reliable results time after time. The use of non-branded or cheap tests often provides erroneous results as we found out in our tests. They are indeed not as accurate and not as consistent as branded ones, and so results may be questionable.

Don’t scrimp on the device

Drug test kit reviews

When an individual’s future is at stake, is saving a couple of Dollars so important? How do you know the test kit you purchased is working correctly? The simple answer is YOU DON’T. Do the research and follow these tips.

  • Buy from a reputable source.
  • Stay away from generic test devices.
  • Don’t waste your money buying from a drug store.
  • Do not buy ‘out of date’ products.
  • Use FDA cleared products.
  • Store them within the prescribed room temperature.

Not all tests are the same

The drug test kit reviews carried out in our testing facility were conducted on several tests to evaluate different rapid drug tests, some of them manufactured in the USA, some in China, and some were unbranded or generic with unknown origins. With any analysis, consistency and accuracy are essential.

We found the results to vary enormously. Some gave positive results when they were negative, and some gave negative results when they were positive.

We found a drug test kit branded in the USA produced the most consistent, accurate and reliable result. The lines on the panels were also darker and more apparent.

Do your research

drug test kit reviews

Our drug test kit reviews research found hundreds of different devices available, many meet the minimum requirements for cut off levels as laid down by NIDA, but choosing one from the crowd can be a chore, that is why at Buy a Test Kit we only sell a drug test kit that has passed our Seal of Approval.

Our website has many product pages with technical specs on all the products we supply. They also include a wealth of other related information to help you make an informed decision. You may wish to try our Solutions page to help you further.

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