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Cup drug test kits

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Cup drug tests.
They benefit from being all inclusive product, meaning that the drug test, cup and temperature test are integrated into the design.
In many cases a specimen validity test is also included to check urine validity. They are available in a variety of different configurations making them ideal for use in the workplace or testing at home.
The cup is for the donor's urine specimen, the temperature strip on the side is to check the donors sample is within an acceptable range, typically 93 to 98 F. The results for the drug test can be read directly on the side or the top of the cup depending on design. Finally, if a specimen validity test is included, then the sample can be checked for integrity. The results to these tests can be seen within a few minutes and will show the presence of illicit and prescription drugs, temperature and integrity. Note: The cup design makes it more difficult for the donor to cheat the test.
The only additional items you need is a FREE Drug Screen Record Form for documenting the test and a clock for timing purposes.
We recommend you use a Drug Adulteration Test Strip if one is not included.

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