Drug testing at home

Protect your family by drug testing at home

Drug testing at home.

More and more people today are abusing illicit drugs, whether it be illegal or a prescription. It is one of the worst effects of modernization and globalization on every human being; especially, for parents concerned about substance abuse because of the sorrow, distress, and anguish, it causes. For this reason, testing at home became more commonplace, and simple to use test kits were made available to diagnose the problem.

Not so long ago, a person who needed a drug test had to go to a laboratory. However, the situation has changed because of new technological advancements in medical science. Now drug testing at home can be achieved by using a simple test kit. These kits are straightforward to use, and anyone can use them without professional guidance. Most doctors will advise you to use a drug test kit because they are readily available and inexpensive. Checking whether your teens, spouse, or anyone in your home is abusing drugs is easy. Precaution is better than cure, and early detection of abuse can help save a loved one from becoming an addict.

The advantage of drug testing at home.

The primary advantage of ‘at home testing’ is that it may deter a loved one from becoming a drug abuser. Some parents may hesitate to buy ‘at home drug test kits,’ but it is a smart option to have them on hand whenever you need them. A drug test kit, in most cases, shows results in minutes, giving you peace of mind almost instantly.

In most cases, parents are unaware that their teens may be abusing drugs. Many parents unintentionally ignore symptoms such as watery and red eyes, puffy face, staggering walk, runny nose, etc. However, it is quite challenging to keep an eye on every action of them, so having a test kit on hand will be useful.

Whenever you notice the symptoms mentioned above or unusual behavior such as non-involvement in family activities, destructive behavior, extensive use of money, etc., you can talk to them and discuss issues they may have. Tell them you are going to test them for drugs. The obvious benefit is the testing in the privacy of your own home.

Privacy of testing at home.

Like any doctor or laboratory, the non-involvement of the third person will make your teen more conformable. Testing at home maintains the privacy of the test and the results, and for this reason, your teen may become more secure and show a positive response to testing. This way, you can take care of your teen and prevent them from becoming an addict in the future.

Having test kits at home from the initial stage will ensure that your teen steers them away from peer pressure. Studies show that random drug testing with an at-home-drug-test makes a teen less likely exposing themselves to substance abuse.

There are two effective testing methods at home: A urine test or an Oral fluid saliva test. Both are effective and as accurate as each other. However, oral drug tests tend to have a much shorter detection window than that of a urine test.

Drug testing at home

Benefits of drug testing at home.

  • Confidential and Private: By testing at home, you will evaluate them when and where you want. He or she will know that the results will be known only to their parents, so they should be more agreeable, even if the results are positive.
  • Cost-effective: These types of tests are very affordable compared to a laboratory test. Usually, the price of a kit depends upon the number of drugs it can detect. Buy a multi-drug test costs around $4.00.
  • Instant Results: We are aware that results from a lab can take a few days. However, the result of drug testing at home will be available in a few minutes. Results are instant, taking at most five minutes before the test result appears.
  • User-friendly: They are designed so that a person who has no medical background can use them. Anyone can administer the test; follow the systematic procedure mentioned HERE.
  • Detect Multiple Drugs: Using multi drugs of abuse tests will be highly effective in detecting prescription and illicit drugs that you are not aware they are abusing. You can find these kits in both cups as well as dip card forms.
  • Regular testing: Recommended is a random drug testing schedule as this will keep a tab on abuse habits, and thus, you can avoid potentially unwanted consequences to a loved one. Guiding them about the harmful effects on the body will help them quit the habit.

Always confirm a presumed positive result.

Note: A drug test kit provides a preliminary screen, so all presumed positive results should be confirmed. Use a more definitive form of testing such as GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry).  Your local lab testing facility can provide this for you upon request.

FDA cleared drug test kits are recommended as they have been ‘cleared’ for use at home and are likely more accurate. There are various options available for the purchase of these kits, such as the local drug store. However, you will get the best value when buying online from reputable sources like https://www.buyatestkit.com. They have a wide range at low prices, so purchasing this way is always a smart option.

Five-panel drug test kit.

A five-panel test is a simple, quick, and efficient method to detect general drug abuse in an individual. The most commonly abused drugs by people are marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, and cocaine. Drug abuse can have harsh effects on the health of the abuser as well as on the parents. The drugs mentioned above produce various intoxication effects; A slowdown in thinking and reaction time, lack of concentration, memory loss, impaired coordination, and confusion are all examples. The facts may result in mishaps and unwanted accidents, and the worst case, death. We recommend random testing regularly.

Do your research and purchase tests that fit your requirements. Ensure you are buying multi-panel test kits, as these will detect more drugs and possibly identify drugs you weren’t aware they were using.

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