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Drug Testing, The Answer to drug abuse?

Drug Testing The Answer to drug abuse

Is Drug testing the answer? Let’s do some analysis.

There are many factors you need to be aware of when testing for drug abuse. We all want to identify anyone abusing particularly if this person is operating safety sensitive equipment. This could be a motor vehicle, or any equipment that could endanger other people’s lives. We also want to identify anyone who is on the path to recovery, taking treatment to sobriety. That may all seem obvious, but how do we know what to test for and when?

Are you testing for the right drug?

Administrators in the workplace or rehabilitation facilities are doing a great job testing for drugs. But do they know the whole story? If they are testing for five major drug classes then maybe not. A standard five panel test typically detects opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana and phencyclidine. If someone is being tested for Meth or Methamphetamine, then a standard five panel test will not pick it up.

In conclusion:

Is Drug Testing The Answer? Well, there are important things to consider. The administrator’s findings may be that the person in question is clean and able to go on with their duties without any further questions. The consequences for missing an abuser thru drug testing for the wrong drug may be catastrophic. Our question is Drug Testing The Answer to drug abuse? Make sure you are aware of what drugs they are abusing and test with the right test.

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