Drug testing your teenager

Drug testing your teenager at home

Drug testing your teenager can help deter abuse!

Testing your loved ones is a quick and economic way to determine possible drug abuse. For the parent the decision to start a testing program using at home tests maybe to be difficult. But when you find evidence of drug paraphernalia or see sudden behavioral changes, you have to consider the next step. The use of at home drug test kits is a solution that will identify drugs of abuse. It is the start on the road of recovery and understanding the problem. Here is a link to our products. At home drug test kits.

The fact that you are reading this page probably means you have a need for testing your teenager. Teens may object to being tested, saying that “don’t you trust me”? Tell them that you do trust them but you want to be sure. Explain that it’s dangerous, and that it will ultimately affect their long term health. Tell them to not be persuaded by their friends to take drugs for fun. Explain that peer pressure should be avoided and they should be proud to show that it’s not.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, search their room, check their bags. Try using a surface test kit to test for signs of drug residue on their computer keyboard, mouse, desk, clothing, their hands, and more to confirm your suspicions.

Drug testing your teenager

Did you know?

The costs to you with legal fees and rehabilitation can amount to a lot of money, particularly if they’re involved in a drug related accident. Drug testing your teenager can help safeguard you against this possibility because as a parent or guardian you are legally responsible for them until they reach twenty one.

Look at these alarming statistics.

This was a study on teens who admitted to taking drugs.

  • 12% have used inhalants.
  • 21% used marijuana in the past 30 days.
  • 25% used illegal drugs in the past 30 days.
  • 36% used marijuana in the past year.
  • 41% of teens used illegal drugs in the past year.
  • 48% of the teen population has tried marijuana.
  • 53 % of the teen population has tried illegal drugs.
  • 57% have smoked cigarettes.
  • 78% have used alcohol.

Statistics provided by NIDA.

Deter drug use at home.

Drug testing your teenager is a way to deter your loved ones from using drugs. They will know that if they are regularly tested they dare not be tempted. Most teens understand that being regularly tested means NO TO DRUGS and prevents the temptation peer pressure from friends.  Hopefully they will understand that all you are doing is trying to guide them to a safer future.

When confronted, your loved ones will almost certainly deny having ever tried or experimented with drugs. Explain the dangers of drug abuse and where it can lead to.  Bad health, addiction, crime are all consequences, the long term outcome is often death.  Explain the dangers of mixing drugs with alcohol. Drugs alone can be bad but when mixed with alcohol can have a catastrophic outcome.

Explain that prescription drugs are not safe and are prescribed for a reason, and abusing them can lead to addiction. Lock your medicine cabinet and check the contents of prescription drugs regularly. Smoking marijuana is also a serious threat.  The smoke when inhaled is carcinogenic and can potentially cause cancer and brain damage. Tell them how much you care and want them to lead a long and healthy life.

Turn on the news, every day you hear hear about drug related deaths. In the USA, over twelve thousand people die each year as a result of related accidents. Nearly one million a year are arrested on related charges.

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In Conclusion.

All in all, communicate with your teens, socialize with them, show them they are loved, understand their problems and discuss solutions. Here is a great place to start with guidance on drugs and drug abuse