Drugs of Abuse Analysis with Saliva Drug Test Kits for the Workplace.

Oral Saliva Drug Test Kits

  1. Oral Saliva analysis kits are now available without FDA clearance.
  2. The process has shown to be difficult to cheat.
  3. They can be used anywhere with no bathroom needed.
  4. They are not gender-specific.
  5. Very easy to use with no experience required.
  6. Cleaner to handle.
  7. Approved by the FDA as a Class 11 device for use at home or the workplace.
  8. The process is 100% observed.

Saliva drug test kits are becoming the product of choice for substance abuse analysis. The detection window is typically one to two days after drug use and is recognized as the best way to screen for recent drug use.

Saliva drug test kits detect illicit and prescription drugs by collecting oral fluids from the mouth using an absorbent pad. They are non-invasive and non-gender specific. As a result, they can be used in various situations and are well-suited when no bathroom facilities are available.

No training or specific equipment is required, and each device has built-in controls to safeguard a sufficient sample. Each device is tamper-proof, meaning the donor cannot defeat the test. The results are 99% accurate, and the window of detection is 24 to 48 hours.