Drugs of Abuse Analysis with Urine Cup Drug Test Kits

Drugs of Abuse Test Cups

  1. They are clean and straightforward to use.
    The process of collecting a urine sample in the cup test makes the process straightforward.
  2. The specimen analysis is automatic.
    The urine analysis is automatic as the tests for each drug are assembled inside the cup.
  3. The results are almost instant.
    The results begin to develop as soon as there is a sufficient volume of urine in the cup.
  4. The device includes a specimen temperature check.
    Specimen temperature is critical and an integral part of the testing process. Every cup includes a heat-sensitive strip that allows you to see at a glance if it is in range.
  5. They are very accurate, typically 99% accurate.
    Its accuracy is in the range of 97 to 99%, so you can be confident the result is correct.

Other significant benefits are their low cost, typically less than $4.00 per cup compared with a lab test of around $50.00.

Urine Drug Test Cup Kits come in various sizes and configurations with the ability to analyze from five (5) to sixteen (16) drugs simultaneously. Some are available that check for alcohol abuse too.

Customers prefer cup drug test kits because the container and drug abuse analysis are in one compact design. They are less messy to handle and straightforward to use. The process is simple to administer with a qualitative  “YES” or “NO” result similar to a pregnancy test.  These tests are used by many organizations in all sectors of industry and with parents at home.

To complete the analysis for abused drugs, you need to collect a fresh sample of urine directly into the cup. The urine temperature is then read to establish authenticity and then by observing the result on the device’s face. Pinkish/red lines or bars appear for each drug of abuse. There are two apparent lines; one is the control line, which tells you the analysis was successful, and the test line tells you if a drug was detected.

Many customers tell us that if they use a Specimen Validity Test it often tells them the whole story about the sample they are analyzing. It helps them get a better understanding of the urine and is free from adulterants. Often, a donor will add chemicals to hide the fact they are dirty to conceal the actual result.

Finally, each product page includes describing what each device detects and how to use it properly. We also provide a FREE Drug Screen Record Form for keeping a record of each test.