How to test for prescription drugs with a simple test.

Test for prescription drugs.

Testing for a prescribed drug these days is very straightforward. People assume prescription drugs are safe as they were prescribed by a doctor, the problem is they often become addicted, and this leads to abuse. The latest testing techniques detect these drugs with either urine or oral saliva fluid test. They are simple to use, and results are quick and accurate.

Check the drug you want to be analyzed is listed on the product before purchase, you can find this by looking at the product insert, or here. It is essential to check as not all drug tests are the same.  Here is an example.

Note: If you need to identify a pill or unknown powder, then a surface test may well be the answer.

It’s now even more critical to check for prescription drugs because of the widespread epidemic across the world. We are seeing it happening at home and the workplace with devastating results. More and more people are getting hooked and often when their supply runs out are turning to street drugs such as heroin for their high. If you need to check for prescription drugs, now you can start with a simple kit. The person you are testing needs to give you a fresh urine sample; urine is always best for testing purposes. Check the product you are using detects the drug you need and proceed with the analysis.

Test for prescription drugs that are commonly abused


  • Codeine: Tylenol® #3
  • Morphine: Avinza®, Kadian®, MS Contin®, MSIR®, Roxanol®, Embeda®
  • Heroin: Dragon, dope, H, big H, white, China white, white nurse, white lady
  • Oxycodone: Tylox®, Percocet®, Percodan®, OxyContin®, OxyIR®, Roxicodone®
  • Oxymorphone: Opana ER®, Opana IR®, Numorphan®




In conclusion: To test for prescription drugs, be sure it detects the drug you want. Note: If you need a test for oxycodone, for example, don’t just assume the product you purchase detects Oxycodone because it says it detects opiates.