Narcotic drug test kits

Prescription and Narcotic drug test kits for all

You can now test for prescription drugs with new devices.

Once upon a time, the main drugs of abuse were hashish, amphetamines (Speed), cocaine and Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Times have changed and so have habits. Users are trying ‘new street drugs’, and as we hear every day on the news, it is reaching epidemic levels.

So what is going on? While people get addicted, street sellers (pushers) will supply and feed the needs of addiction. And it will never stop while there is a demand and profit.

Drugs have advanced, mainly because of smart scientists who keep making new formulas to fulfill the demand and create new markets. Ecstasy is an example, it’s chemically similar to amphetamine, but its molecular construction is different. Fentanyl, Tramadol, K2, and Spice are other examples. But now dealers are mixing different drugs to feed more potential addicts waiting in line.

The problem is so severe that testing and detecting these new drug compounds is becoming more difficult.

The latest crisis is the abuse of Fentanyl and Tramadol. Both highly addictive and available on the black market or prescribed by irresponsible doctors.

Narcotic drug test kits

narcotic drug test kits 
13-panel analysis

narcotic drug test kits
12-panel analysis

What can you do as a responsible parent or a concerned employer? Use a device that detects at least twelve drugs. Do these devices detect everything? The simple answer is no, but these new products can certainly help (see above).

Once upon a time, a five-panel analysis would have been the standard, but today ten, twelve and even thirteen-panel devices are the way forward. When testing, make sure the device you are using detect synthetic drugs.

Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and Tramadol are synthetic opioids are highly addictive. Methamphetamine is also very addictive and has a similar chemical structure to Amphetamines. We can now detect these drugs and many more with the latest narcotic drug test kits.

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