Rapid Cup drug test kits - Multi Drug Screen Urine Test

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results

Rapid Cup Drug Test Kits

Rapid Cup Drug Test Kits

Urine cup drug test kits are multi-drug screen urine tests that quickly identify if an individual is abusing illicit drugs.

Here are the Top Five Reasons why people choose cup drug test kits.

  1. They are clean and straightforward to use
  2. The specimen analysis is automatic.
  3. The results are almost instant.
  4. The device includes a specimen cup.
  5. They are very accurate, typically 99% accurate.

The significant benefits of a cup design are low cost; the accuracy is up to 99%, the cup has a urine temperature check and often an adulterant check. They are available in many different configurations checking from five to fifteen drugs, including alcohol in one device.

Customers prefer cup drug test kits because the container and drug analysis are in one. They are less messy to handle and straightforward to use. The process is simple to administer with a qualitative “YES” or “NO” result similar to a pregnancy test.  These tests are used by many organizations in all sectors of industry and by parents at home.

Drug testing.

The test requires a fresh sample of urine directly into the cup; the urine temperature is then read to establish authenticity and then observe it. Reading and interpreting the analysis is done by viewing the clear pinkish/red lines that develop on the cup’s face.

Customers have found using an  Adulterant Test helps them get consistent results because it checks a person’s sample has not been masked to hide drug abuse signs.

Finally, each device includes a description explaining what each test detects and how to use it properly. We also provide a FREE Drug Screen Record Form for keeping a record of each test.