Cup drug test kits

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drug test kits

Customers prefer cup drug test kits because the cup and drug test are integrated in one. They are less messy and very simple to administer. The test kits can to test up to 13 illicit and prescription drugs simultaneously. The simple “No-Frills” approach produces qualitative  “YES” or “NO” result similar to a pregnancy test.  It will tell you if a drug has been found but not by how much. These tests are used by administrators in all sectors of industry and by parents at home.

Drug testing.

The test requires the donor to provide a fresh urine sample directly into the cup. The urine temperature is then read to establish authenticity. The result from the drug test is then read by observing the apparent pinkish/red lines. Results will develop in around 3 to 5 minutes.

Customers have found using a Drug Adulteration Test Strip get more reliable results because it checks for adulterants that may mask drug abuse.

Finally, full instructions for each product can be found on the respective product page and a FREE Drug Screen Record Form is available for keeping a record of each test.


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