Dip card drug test kits - Multi panel urine tests

  • spice drug test

    Spice drug test – Synthetic Marijuana K2 screen

    Spice drug test. Specially designed for detecting synthetic marijuana from urine. It catches approximately 96% of all synthetic marijuana with low cut-off levels for higher sensitivity and higher accuracy. Common names include K2 and Spice.
  • 1 panel drug test

    1 panel drug test for detecting a specific drug of abuse

    The product featured here is a one drug urine test. It's fully approved for use at home and carries an FDA 510(k) clearance and a CLIA waiver. The one-panel drug test detects one drug per test and adheres to strict cut-off levels for accuracy and consistency.
  • 1 panel drug test for marijuana

    1 panel drug test for Marijuana (5pk) – Urine test

    This test detects marijuana use from a urine sample. The 1 panel drug test detects THC, the metabolite found in Marijuana. Each test is FDA 510(k) cleared and CLIA waived and conforms to NIDA cut-off level levels for consistently accurate and affordable drug testing.
  • EtG Urine Alcohol Test

    EtG Urine Alcohol Test – 80hr Alcohol Urine Test

    This product is a test for Ethyl Glucuronide the primary marker for detecting alcohol. This EtG Urine Alcohol Test is designed to detect alcohol for a longer period, typically up to 80 hours compared to a standard alcohol test of four to eight hours. The benefit is a more conclusive result.
  • Bath salts instant drug test

    Bath Salts Instant Drug Test – Urine Dip Test

    This is a urine test for detecting Bath Salts. It's an instant test that detects the harmful drug MDVP which is the active ingredient found in Bath Salts. This rapid test will check for the compound MDVP by testing an individuals urine. Compared to a lab test this product could check twenty-five people for the same price as one lab test.
  • Fentanyl Drug Test Kit

    Fentanyl Drug Test Kit – Rapid Urine Test

    This is a urine test for drug Fentanyl. It is designed to detect this deadly drug in seconds by analyzing an individuals urine sample. The test gives a preliminary result; either positive or negative in a clear and precise way.
  • Tramadol Drug Test Kit

    Tramadol Drug Test Kit – Urine Dip Test

    This a rapid urine drug test for Tramadol. Designed to detect use or abuse by analyzing a persons urine sample. Results appear within minutes and are detectable for up to 4 days after ingestion.
  • Ketamine Drug Test Kit

    Ketamine Drug Test Kit – Urine Test

    This Ketamine drug test kit is designed to detect the metabolite of ketamine found in urine. It will tell you if you have been intentionally drugged immediately and provide a preliminary result of either positive or negative.
  • 3 panel drug test

    3 panel drug test kit – A test for three drugs

    The product featured here is a urine drug test for three drugs. Commonly known as a 3 panel drug test, it's a fast-acting one-step design is available in three variations. This product is FDA cleared an CLIA waived.
  • 4 panel drug test ES

    4 panel drug test kit – Instant urine test

    The product featured here is a urine drug test for four drugs. Commonly known as a 4 panel drug test this fast-acting one-step urine test gives rapid results with supreme performance conforming to strict cut-off levels for consistent reliability. This product is FDA cleared an CLIA waived.
  • Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit

    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit – Urine

    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit. A urine test that will tell you whether there is high levels of THC in your system, medium, low, very low or none at all. The solution when you need to see how much THC is in your body. Many people and for various reasons use these tests to see if they're positive for THC.
  • 5 panel drug test kit for use at home

    5 panel drug test kit (5pk) – Rapid urine test

    This product is a 5 panel drug test kit packed in fives (5). The package includes a CLIA waived test for five drugs, a specimen cup with temperature check and a check for six adulterants commonly added by cheaters. Conforms to NIDA cut-off guidelines, FDA 510(k) cleared and CLIA waived.
  • Drug test 5 drugs

    Drug Test 5 drugs – Instant Urine test (3pk)

    Three pack (3pk) 'drug test 5 drugs'. This urine test detects the five most commonly abused drugs in a one-step assay. It employs the latest technology affording accurate and reliable drug screening which compares well with a lab screen. This product is FDA 510(k) cleared and CLIA waived.
  • Employer 5-panel drug test pack

    Employer 5-panel drug test pack – Workplace Testing

    The employer 5-panel drug test pack listed here is recommended for testing employees in the workplace. It consists of a CLIA waived, and FDA cleared 5 panel urine drug test, a specimen cup, and a 6 test adulterant check. The perfect marriage for the employer.
  • 5 panel urine drug test kit

    5 panel urine drug test kit – Instant test

    This product is a 5 panel urine drug test kit from Rapid Response. It's a urine dip test that detects five commonly abused drugs simultaneously. Its one-step operation produces results in less than three minutes. A very accurate analysis that ensures precise results with every test.

Dip card drug test kits.

Dip cards are the most popular method for analysis as they quickly identify if an individual is abusing drugs.

Dip card drug test kits

The Top Five Reasons for using Dip cards.

  1. The analysis is instant
  2. They are very accurate, typically 99% accurate
  3. The results are quick and easy to interpret
  4. The unit cost per test is typically less than five dollars
  5. They are easy to store and have a long shelf life
  6. They are FDA cleared for use at home and the workplace.

About Drug Testing.

Using dip card drug test kits requires no previous knowledge of testing. It only requires the addition of a clock for time monitoring, a specimen cup for holding a urine sample and a thermometer for checking the temperature.

After dipping the tips of the card directly into a fresh urine sample the urine is carried up the card into the testing area where it analyzes the urine for drugs of abuse. The whole process takes two to three minutes and the results appear on the face of the device.

Dip card drug test kitsDip card drug test kitsOur customers have told us that by using a Specimen Container and a Specimen Adulteration Test together gives them the confidence the results are accurate and helps with catching the cheaters.

Dip card drug test kits are supplied with instructions and information on the different drugs detected and their respective cut-off levels. We have also produced our own instructions which include a step-by-step guide of the total process and a test form to document each result.

Supervisors have told us they prefer dip card test kits because they’re competitively priced, simple to use, very accurate, and straightforward to use.  The results they get are clear and concise and answers the question if a person has consumed illicit or prescription drugs or not. They know that the analysis produces a qualitative  “YES” or “NO” answer which is similar to a pregnancy test.  Any detected substances are apparent in minutes.