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Dip card drug test kits

Quality dip drug test kits.


Dip Card Drug testing kits

Customers prefer dip card drug test kits because they are competitively priced and simple to use. The process of using Dip card drug test kits for drug testing is a straightforward process.  The test will confirm if a person has consumed illicit and prescription drugs within minutes. The simple “No-Frills” approach produces qualitative  “YES” or “NO” results similar to a pregnancy test.  It will tell you if a drug has been found in minutes. As a result they are used by companies in all sectors of industry and by parents for use at home.

Dip Card Drug testing

The test requires that you dip the tips of the card directly into a fresh urine sample for about 20 seconds. Place the card on a flat clean surface then watch the result appear. It normally takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the result to fully develop. Customers have found that using a Specimen Container and Drug Adulteration Test Strip helps them get more consistent results as well as ensuring the donor has not tried to cheat. Finally, full instructions for each test can be found on the respective product page.

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