Drug residue test kits

Drug residue test kits to detect and identify drug residue.

Drug residue test kits can be used to detect and identify drug residue from most surfaces, including skin, work areas, air vents and even liquids with a simple test! Their benefits are low cost, fast results, and multiple drug identification.

These sophisticated drug residue test kits are suitable for testing almost any surface for signs of illicit drugs even when there is no trace. The latest generation of drug detection and identification products are so advanced they can detect and identify microscopic amounts and are capable of detecting over 40 different drugs from one test.

Significant benefits: The results are instant. The sample is not affected by the test, and there is no contamination either.

The testing process needs just one drop of the particular liquid provided, to detect its presence. The results develop in seconds on the test paper as it reacts with the unknown substance. Read this article on testing around the home.