Drug test kits for home

Drug test kits for home – discreetly shipped.

Never be afraid to drug test your teens.

And never, ever give them an advanced warning before testing them. We understand that this can be an anxious time, but you are doing this to deter or control drug abuse and ultimately to protect your family.

At-home drug tests are used by parents as often as is necessary and can be the single most significant deterrent in preventing family drug abuse.

Ask questions.

Try to talk about what they do with their friends and reason with them. Check their room for signs of drug paraphernalia, powders, and pills.

As a guardian, you are legally and financially responsible for your children’s actions until they reach 21.

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Try our starter surface test to detect up forty different drugs by merely wiping a surface you suspect. Or take a look at our full range of Drug Residue Tests. These products can not only detect unknown substances but identify them too. Use on any surface, unidentified pills and liquids.

Note: Teens will often add compounds (adulterants) to their urine sample to hide or mask drug use, they may even use fake urine to pass the test. By using a Drug Adulteration Test Strip, you can check for this whenever you are suspicious.

Always use a Specimen container to collect the urine sample.

And always check the temperature of their urine sample before testing. Finally, make sure the urine has an ‘odor.’