Testing supplies

  • Specimen container for urine

    Specimen container for urine

    From: $0.29
    This product is a plastic Specimen container for urine. Its purpose is for use when drug testing. It features a heat-sensitive strip for checking urine temperature and a volume indicator ensuring there is sufficient sample for drug testing.
  • Drug Adulteration Test Strip

    Drug Adulteration Test Strip

    Refer to new replacement product HERE. Test urine integrity. This Drug Adulteration Test Strip is used to detect abnormalities in a urine sample before drug testing. These abnormalities may be the result of the donor adding a chemical to mask their drug test results. You can test the urine for adulterated compounds, dilution and pH levels and more.
  • Specimen Validity Test

    Specimen Validity Test

    From: $0.48
    This Specimen Validity Testing device is for checking urine integrity for six different abnormalities before performing a drug test. These abnormalities may be the result of substitute urine or contamination due to the donor abuse. Test for adulterated compounds, dilution and pH levels and more.
  • Vinyl protective gloves

    Vinyl protective gloves

    These Vinyl protective gloves are perfectly designed for use when handling urine samples. They are latex free quality virgin P.V.C. (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and ambidextrous. They are the perfect marriage during drug testing.

Ancillaries are an essential part of drug testing. These are the additional items you need when testing. Used by professionals, at home, and the workplace. Gloves, Adulteration Test Strips, and Specimen Cups.