Surface Drug Test Kits - Drug residue test kits

Surface Drug Test Kits for detecting and identifying illicit drug residue.

Surface test kits can be used to detect and identify drug residue on the skin, work areas, automobiles, trucks, home or office, and even liquids!

The Top Five Reasons why people use Surface Drug Test Kits.

  1. Identify an unknown powder or pill
  2. Analyze paraphernalia to identify what drug they are using
  3. Check if there are signs of drug use in an automobile
  4. Test a loved one’s room around their computer, bags, wallet, etc.
  5. The results are instant.

These sophisticated surface drug test kits will detect tiny amounts of drug residue from many different surfaces even when there is no trace. The latest generation of drug detection and identification products are so advanced they can detect and identify microscopic amounts and are capable of detecting over 40 different drugs from one test.

Surface Drug Test Kits
Detecting drug residue.

Significant benefits: Their benefits are low cost, fast results, and multiple drug identification in one analysis. The sample is not affected, and there is no contamination either.

The testing process needs just one drop of liquid from the included ampule and test paper to detect their presence. The results developed in seconds and provide definite proof of detected substance.

Surface Drug Test Kits
Detecting drug residue.

These products are so convenient to use, Law Enforcement, DEA, Airports, FedEx, Homeland Security, and the United States Postal Service use them for identifying suspect substances.

Here is a guide to help you with testing around the home; this gives you some useful information on where to look and how to identify a suspect substance.