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Urine drug test kits

Quality urine drug test kits.

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Dip Card style drug test.

Dip Card drug test kit is the most common style of test and are used by companies and by parents for testing at home. The “dip” means that all you have to do is dip the fingers of the device directly into a urine sample. Results are very quick, and provided you follow the instructions, the results appear on the face of the card within three to five minutes.

Cup style drug test.

Cup drug test kit is the second most common style and is used by customers from many types of organizations. The “cup” means that the drug test is integrated within the cup. The person to be tested provides a urine sample directly into the cup. Consequently, the process is cleaner and easier. Other benefits include: integrated urine sample temperature test.


In conclusion, both styles can test over thirteen different drugs simultaneously, are as accurate as each other, and the results appear within three to five minutes.

With all urine drug tests, the results are only as reliable as the administrator performing the test. Carefully read all instructions before proceeding. Be diligent, notarize any abnormalities throughout the process and observe the donor throughout the process. If you get a presumptive positive, then send the sample to our SAMHSA certified lab for further analysis.

Always use a Drug Adulteration Test Strip prior to drug testing,  and if you’re planning on buying a dip drug test kit, we would recommend you use an appropriate Specimen container with an affixed temperature test. More information on drug testing can be found on our solutions to help with drug testing page.

Finally, follow the testing process closely and you will always get accurate and reliable results.

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