Urine drug test kits

  • 12 panel drug test kit

    12 panel drug test kit with EtG alcohol

    From: $3.15
    The latest in drug testing technology, the 12 panel drug test kit with alcohol is what everyone has been talking about, why? Because it's the first instant drug test that detects eleven drugs plus alcohol, and what makes this so unique is it identifies some of the newer drugs being abused today all in one convenient analysis.
  • 12 panel drug test cup

    12 panel drug test cup – Instant test

    From: $6.58
    The Rapid Response, 12 panel drug test cup, employs a test cup, a test for twelve drugs and urine temperature check all in one device. The 12 Panel One-Step Urine Cup includes benefits and features that provide unmatched quality and performance. It carries FDA 510(k) clearance and a CLIA Waived certificate.
  • 13 panel drug test

    13 panel drug test with Spice test

    From: $5.61
    This sophisticated urine test detects thirteen drugs in one device. The one-step 13 panel drug test detects commonly abused illicit and prescription drugs including Spice-K2 in one, making it convenient and cost-effective solution for testing.
  • 13-panel drug alcohol test kit

    13-panel drug alcohol test kit (EtG)

    From: $7.76
    13-panel drug alcohol test kit: This urine test detects twelve drugs plus alcohol in a one-step operation. It employs a specimen cup, twelve-panel drug screen, EtG alcohol test, and specimen temperature check all in one. Detects alcohol abuse up to eighty (80) hours in the past.