Workplace drug testing kits

  • Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit

    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit

    From: $2.76
    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit. A urine test that will tell you whether there is high levels of THC in your system, medium, low, very low or none at all. The solution when you need to see how much THC is in your body. Many people and for various reasons use these tests to see if they're positive for THC.
  • Employer 5-panel drug test pack

    Employer 5-panel drug test pack

    From: $3.21
    The product listed here is the employer 5-panel drug test pack. Recommended for testing employees in the workplace. It consists of a CLIA waived, and FDA cleared 5-panel urine drug test a specimen cup, and 6 test adulterant check (optional).
  • 5 panel urine drug test kit

    5 panel urine drug test kit – Instant test

    From: $1.55
    This product is a 5 panel urine drug test kit from Rapid Response. It's a urine dip test that detects five commonly abused drugs simultaneously. Its one-step operation produces results in less than three minutes. A very accurate analysis that ensures precise results with every test.
  • 5 panel drug test cup kit

    5 panel drug test cup kit

    From: $2.01
    Possibly the most comfortable and economic 5 panel drug test cup kit available. This urine test detects five drugs and includes a specimen cup and a check for urine temperature. Its simple procedure requires no additional steps to activate it.
  • 5 panel dip drug test kit

    5 panel dip drug test kit – 5 in one drug test

    From: $2.51
    This is a 5 panel dip drug test kit. It detects five individual drugs in a one-step urine dip operation. Available in 2 variations with optional specimen test. Conforms to NIDA cut-off levels and is FDA cleared for use at home or the workplace.
  • 5 panel instant drug test kit

    5 panel instant drug test kit

    Sale!From: $1.55
    An excellent choice for accurately testing employees in the workplace and loved ones at home; This 5 panel instant drug test kit detects five drugs of abuse from urine and the best solution for determining if an individual has tested positive for the five commonly abused drugs.
  • 5 panel drug test ECO2

    5 panel drug test ECO2

    From: $2.40
    The purpose of this device is to detect five (5) commonly abused drugs from a urine sample.  The cup is for collecting the urine from the individual, within three minutes the results are revealed. It carries a CLIA waiver and is FDA 510 (k) cleared.
  • 5 panel urine drug test cup

    T-cup 5 panel urine drug test cup

    From: $3.59
    T-cup 5 panel urine drug test cup is FDA cleared, and CLIA waived. This one-step drugs of abuse test comprise a test for five drugs by testing urine, a temperature test and specimen cup in one. Available in two configurations.
  • T-cup drug test 5 panel

    T-Cup drug test 5 panel compact

    Sale!From: $2.39 ea.
    T-cup drug test 5 panel is the latest in compact cup design. Featuring advanced technology providing the most accurate results possible. The drugs of abuse test comprise a test for five commonly abused drugs, a specimen temperature check and specimen cup in one.

Employee drug testing kits – in stock, ready to ship.

Avoid the dangers of employees who abuse drugs. Use our popular workplace drug testing kits to safeguard your employees from accidents, boost productivity, and save money.

Exposure to lawsuits as a result of accidents due to substance abuse by employees is a real possibility. We cannot emphasize enough, by drug testing your employees you are protecting your company. And at the same time, you are saving thousands of dollars from lost earnings, theft, insurance claims and productivity.

FACT: Employers who drug test their employees have experienced over 50% reduction in workplace injury rates within two years of implementing a drug testing program.

Prominent organizations already know and understand that the integrity of their business and customer satisfaction relies on their employees being drug-free, this is not just illicit street drugs but the abuse of prescription drugs too. Employers are looking to us for help and guidance on what to do, so we have put together a selection of suitable drug test kits that detect the vast majority of prescription and illicit drugs abused today. Did you know the abuse of prescription drugs has become so severe, that companies nationwide are adopting a no drugs policy in their workplace? Read this if you are not convinced.

Tailored for the Workplace.

We have tailored many drug test kits for testing employees, so there is no need to worry which ones to buy. But different situations require tests, so we have provided a selection from which to choose. Every box of test kits include instructions, but we have provided further help with our guidelines based on our experiences over the past ten years.

What tests do Employers choose?

Employers often choose 5 or 10 panel drug tests either in a cup or dip configuration. The US Government recommend that the test detects a  minimum of five drugs (5-panel).  The most popular include Amphetamines, Opiates, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Heroin.

Workplace drug testing.

Workplace drug testing requires careful consideration; for instance, are you testing every employee or just safety-sensitive positions. Examples include working on a building site, driving vehicles, handling money or working with dangerous chemicals.  Are you testing randomly as a condition of employment? What do you do if you have reasonable suspicion that an employee is using while driving a company vehicle? These questions and considerations should be laid out in your employee handbook. It should clearly state how the company deals with drug use and abuse while employed by the company.  We can provide a free bare-bones manual to get you started. And if you follow our guidelines, you will be successfully operating and managing your company drug testing regime in no time. Our help will enable you to perform drug tests on any or every employee with confidence.

Simple steps to get you started.

Follow our recommendations for testing each employee. Make a note of the test results using our free drug testing sheet.  Always use a purpose made Specimen Container or drug test cup to collect the donor’s urine. You may also consider using a Drug Adulteration Test Strip as this can quickly identify an employee who is trying to mask their drug use by adding an adulterant to their specimen. Always, yes always check and notarize the sample temperature. Finally, if you find traces of unknown powder or pills, we have tests for them too.