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6 panel drug test kit – Dip Card

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A quality 6 panel drug test that screens for six individual drugs in a one-step dip test. A simple test that will detect with 99% accuracy a combination of drugs that are commonly abused. Available in 3 variations.


  • 6 panel drug test kit.
  • Detects 6 drugs in one test.
  • Accurate results in minutes.
  • Result can be photocopied.
  • CLIA Waived and FDA 510(k) cleared for professional use.
  • Conforms to NIDA guidelines for cut-off levels
  • Shipped in 25 foil sealed tests per box.
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6 panel drug test6 panel drug test.

EliteScreen 6 panel test for drugs is a rapid urine ‘dip test’ for six drugs. Available in three options so you will always find the right test for establishing possible drug abuse.

This device is classed as a qualitative immunoassay designed for screening drug metabolites at the cut-off levels specified by National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The reason for fixed cut-off levels gives consistency and accuracy when testing.  Manufactured for accuracy and reliability! Each test drug panel has been cleared by the FDA with a FDA 510(k) clearance. It has also been approved by CLIA establishing it as a test that needs no prior knowledge or professional training to be safely used at home or the workplace.

6 panel drug test overview:

This is a urine test which consists of six individual test panels. Each test panel detects a specific substance. The device is called an assay with a one step lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay based on the principle of competition for limited antibody binding sites between a drug or drug metabolites. During testing, urine migrates to the test area of the membrane by capillary action, mobilizing the colored antibody conjugates. The antibody conjugates then moves along the membrane to the test area where it displays the result of the test with reddish/pink bars indicating the result of the test.


  • 6 panel drug test.
  • Tests and detects 6 drugs in one test.
  • Easy to use, easy to store.
  • Accurate results in minutes.
  • Result can be photocopied.
  • FDA 510 (k) cleared for professional use.
  • Conforms to NIDA guidelines for cut-off levels
  • CLIA Waived.
  • Shipped in 25 foil sealed tests per box.

Suitable uses:

  • Drug testing at home.
  • Staffing agencies.
  • Workplace testing programs.
  • Pre-employment testing.
  • Random employment testing in the workplace.
  • Random drug testing in schools or youth organizations.

How to test:

Collect a fresh sample of urine from the donor in a suitable container. We recommend a container with a temperature strip. Collect around 2 fl oz (50 ml) and observe the temperature. It should be between 93 to 98° F.

Step 1. Remove the cap to the test card and place on one side.
Step 2. Gently submerge the six tips of the test card into the urine sample. Be careful not to fully submerge as this will flood the test. Keep the tips in the urine for around twenty seconds.
Step 3. Place the test card on a flat clean surface.
Step 4. Observe the apparent lines develop in the test result windows.

For more information on testing, refer to our drug testing instructions.

Interpreting the 6 panel drug test:

In the absence of a drug or if the concentration is below the cut-off in the urine sample, the colored conjugates attach to the respective drug antigen immobilized in the test line region, forming a colored band (T) line. If a substance is found in the urine sample, the drug or drug metabolites compete for the limited antibody binding sites.

The control line (C line) serves as an internal quality control for the test on each panel. It will always appear as a colored band regardless of the presence of the drug.

Negative. If the drug concentration is below the cut-off limit, the binding sites of the antibody will not affect the conjugates to the antigen in the test line area of the membrane. And so a colored line will form.

Presumptive positive. If the drug concentration is at or above the cut-off limit, the drug will saturate all the binding sites of the antibody, preventing the attachment of the colored conjugates to the antigen in the test line area of the membrane. And so no colored line will form.

6 panel drug test

Invalid: Each test panel has a built-in control feature. This is called the control (C) line. The presence of the (C) line indicates that an adequate sample volume of urine was used and that the reagents migrated properly. If a (C) line does not form, the result is invalid. Discard the device and start the testing process with a new drug test kit.


A package insert is included in each pack. The insert explains drugs detected, cut-off levels and basic information on procedures for using this test. You can also download a copy by clicking the link below. There is also a test form for documenting the test results and our recommendation for testing.

Data sheet Test form Instructions


Alcohol (ALC), Amphetamines (AMP), Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Buprenorphine (BUP), Cocaine (COC), Codeine (COD), Ecstasy (MDMA), Heroin (6-MAM), K2 Spice (SCA), Marijuana (THC), Methadone (MTD), Methamphetamine (mAMP), Morphine (MOP), Opiates (OPI), Oxycodone (OXY), Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene (PPX), Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)

Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions8 x 6 x 5 in

Drugs screened

Product CodeDrugs Screened
AbbreviationsAlcohol (ALC), Amphetamines (AMP), Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Buprenorphine (BUP), Cocaine (COC), Codeine (COD), Ecstasy (MDMA), Heroin (6-MAM), K2 Spice (SCA), Marijuana (THC), Methadone (MTD), Methamphetamine (mAMP), Morphine (MOP), Opiates (OPI), Oxycodone (OXY), Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene (PPX), Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA).
W264Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Opiates, Benzodiazepines.
W164Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Opiates, Phencyclidine.
W564Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone.

What Is CLIA?

CLIA stands for ‘Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments’ This amendment specified that laboratory requirements must be based on the complexity of the test performed. As a result they established provisions for categorizing a test as ‘Waived’.

If a test meets the requirements set by this statute, then they may be waived from regulatory oversight. Waived tests were defined as simple laboratory procedures that are cleared by the FDA for home use and that incorporate methodologies that are so easy and accurate that it is unlikely that mistakes would occur. Another requirement is that they would pose no reasonable risk of harm to a patient if they were performed incorrectly.

Do I Need A CLIA-Waived Test?

CLIA requirements do apply to entities that perform tests on ‘materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or impairment of, or the assessment of the health of, human beings’ to meet certain Federal requirements. If the tests are performed for these purposes, the organization doing so is considered under CLIA to be a laboratory and must register with the CLIA program. In these instances, the advantage of using a “CLIA Waived” test is that it “waives” you from having to comply with a long list of laboratory requirements (such as quality control, training, etc).

CLIA-Waived tests can still be used for use in the workplace and at home as if they were not Waived at all.

Additional information on CLIA can be found at
For state by state reimbursement fee schedule go to

Screening cut-off levels. (Urine drug tests only.)

DrugIdentifierScreen cut-offLab GC/MS cut-off
Amphetamines(AMP)1000 ng/ml500 ng/ml
Barbiturates(BAR)300 ng/ml200 ng/ml
Buprenorphine(BUP)10 ng/ml5 ng/ml
Benzodiazepines(BZO)300 ng/ml200 ng/ml
Cocaine 150(COC)150 ng/ml150 ng/ml
Cocaine(COC)300 ng/ml150 ng/ml
Ecstasy(MDMA)500 ng/ml250 ng/ml
Marijuana(THC)50 ng/ml15 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 500(mAMP)500 ng/ml500 ng/ml
Methamphetamine(mAMP)1000 ng/ml500 ng/ml
Methadone(MET)300 ng/ml200 ng/ml
Morphine(MOP)300 ng/ml150 ng/ml
Opiates(OPI)2000 ng/ml2000 ng/ml
Oxycodone(OXY)100 ng/ml300 ng/ml
Phencyclidine(PCP)25 ng/ml25 ng/ml
Propoxyphene(PPX)300 ng/ml200 ng/ml
Tricyclic Antidepressants(TCA)1000 ng/ml1000 ng/ml
Note: Refer to manufacturers product insert for specific details.

Detection times

DrugUrine Drug TestsOral Saliva Tests
Marijuana1-30 daysLess than 24 hours
Cocaine1-3 days24-36 hours
Opiates1-3 days24-36 hours
Amphetamines1-3 days24-36 hours
Methamphetamine2-5 days24-36 hours
Benzodiazepines1-14 daysN/A
Barbituates1-3 daysN/A
Phencyclidine1-5 days
to 30 days
24-36 hours
Methadone1-3 daysN/A
Oxycodone2-4 daysN/A
Ecstasy2-4 days24-36 hours
Propoxyphene1-7 daysN/A
Buprenorphine3-6 daysN/A
Tricyclic Anti-Depressants5-8 daysN/A

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Did you know?

Drug testing in the home and the workplace has become a necessity because of widespread prescription drug abuse. Families are deteriorating because of loved ones becoming addicted to illicit and prescription drugs. Drug abuse often starts at the bathroom cabinet. Check it regularly and dispose of outdated or unfinished prescriptions in a responsible way.

The average employer is unknowingly wasting thousands of dollars a year due to drug related workplace issues. Drug testing your employees saves lives and helps prevent addiction.

Every drug test kit supplied by us is made to the highest standard ensuring the result is as reliable and accurate as the last. Always follow manufacturer's recommendations when testing, otherwise you may get an erroneous result.

Drug test like an expert!

Refer to our detailed testing instructions and test like an expert. We have compiled a thorough instruction sheet so you can confidently initiate and complete a drug test with confidence. The instructions were compiled by our in-house technicians who have received advanced training from DATIA and Department of Transport.

Here is a link to the INSTRUCTIONS