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This Surface drug test D4D detects illicit drugs from powder, pills or liquid. The drug residue test detects over thirty-seven (37) narcotics by wiping a suspect surface for trace drugs. The analysis comprises a test paper and special liquid; this liquid when applied produces a color identifying a drug is present.

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Surface drug test D4D
Surface drug test D4D

This is a drug residue test that identifies unknown illicit substances. The device contains two test papers and a liquid ampule capable of detecting over thirty-seven (37) different substances. It discovers narcotics, stimulants, hallucinogens, and depressant substances on contact.

The two papers enable you to perform more than four analyses. It will detect the presence of the following substances:
Benactyzine, Buprenorphine, DMT, Codeine, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Methadone, MDA, MMDA, Morphine, Opium, Oxycodone, Papaverine, Pentazocine, PMA, Propoxyphene, STP, Thebaine, Amphetamine, Benzylpiperazine BZP, Ephedrine, MDPV (bath salts), Mephedrone (bath salts), a-PVP (bath salts), Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Hashish, Ketamine, LSD, Marijuana, Marijuana, Phencyclidine (PCP), Synthetic Cannabinoids, K-2 Spice, Diazepam, Flunitrazepam, Phenobarbital.

Purchase the D4D as a combo kit: D4D and C&H for a more conclusive result.  If you use both the D4D and C&H combo kit together, it’s possible to detect over forty illicit and prescription drugs from any contact article. Here are some of the everyday items that are tested; Computer keyboards, credit cards, clothing, bags, pockets, air vents, liquids, etc. Just wipe a suspect surface with the enclosed analysis paper and see the results appear.

We have produced two articles which introduces you to using drug residue tests:

Features of the Surface drug test D4D:

    • The D4D drug residue test detects over thirty-seven unknown substances.
    • Each kit has two analysis papers enabling you to perform two separate analyses
    • Use it on any surface
    • Super sensitive device
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Results appear within 10 seconds
    • It does NOT destroy the evidence while testing
    • Detects residue in quantities of as little as one micrograms per square millimeter.

Benefits of drug residue tests:

  • The significant advantage is the results are instant
  • They detect over 37 different drugs
  • Up to eight tests in total
  • Use it on almost any surface
  • It can detect tiny amounts of residue
  • Quick and easy to use
  • It does NOT destroy the evidence while testing.

Suitable uses for the Surface drug test D4D:

  • Detecting and identifying trace and bulk amounts of narcotics on:
    • Work surfaces
    • Air conditioning vents
    • Skin
    • Computers and keyboards
    • Clothing
    • Bags, purses
    • Credit cards
    • Liquids
    • Smoke Pipes
    • Identify Powders, pills, and tablets.

Drug Residue tests D4D:

D4D detects:

  • Narcotics
    Benactyzine, Buprenorphine, DMT, Codeine, Heroin, Hydrocodone, Methadone, MDA, MMDA, Morphine, Opium, Oxycodone, Papaverine, Pentazocine, PMA, Propoxyphene, STP, Thebaine.
  • Stimulants
    Amphetamine, Benzylpiperazine BZP, Ephedrine, MDPV (bath salts), Mephedrone (bath salts), a-PVP (bath salts), Methamphetamine.
  • Hallucinogens
    Ecstasy, Hashish, Ketamine, LSD, Marijuana, Cannabis, Phencyclidine (PCP), Synthetic Cannabinoids, K2-Spice.
  • Depressants.
    Diazepam, Flunitrazepam, Phenobarbital.

Alternative drug residue tests:

Surface drug test CocaineSurface drug test Methamphetamine and Ecstasysurface drug test for Narcotics


How to use the Surface drug test D4D:

Just wipe a suspect surface with the enclosed analysis paper. Place one drop of the formulated liquid onto the paper and see a reaction. Depending on the substance detected, the analysis paper changes color. The reaction between the liquid and the paper produces a unique color. You then compare the color with the enclosed chart to identify which drug it is.

  • Any positive color reactions may take up to 30 seconds to fully develop, depending on the quantity and purity of the substance tested.
  • A used test paper will gradually turn a brownish color as a result of oxidation. Compare the color reaction with a blank drop on the test paper.
  • We recommend that you take a photograph of the test paper once a substance has been identified to preserve the test result.

Surface drug test D4D


Surface drug test D4D

Product information:

Safety and Handling info: D4D Safety sheet
Datasheet. Product Detection Matrix. Instructions.

Additional information

Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

Drugs of Abuse

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Screening cut-off levels. (Urine drug tests only.)

DrugIdentifierScreen cut-off
Amphetamines (AMP)1000 ng/ml
Barbiturates(BAR)300 ng/ml
Buprenorphine(BUP)10 ng/ml
Benzodiazepines(BZO)300 ng/ml
Cocaine 150(COC)150 ng/ml
Cocaine(COC)300 ng/ml
Ecstasy(MDMA)500 ng/ml
Marijuana(THC)50 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 500(mAMP)500 ng/ml
Methamphetamine(mAMP)1000 ng/ml
Methadone(MET)300 ng/ml
Morphine(MOP)300 ng/ml
Opiates(OPI)2000 ng/ml
Oxycodone(OXY)100 ng/ml
Phencyclidine(PCP)25 ng/ml
Propoxyphene(PPX)300 ng/ml
Tricyclic Antidepressants(TCA)1000 ng/ml
Note: Refer to manufacturers product insert for specific details.

Detection times. (Urine drug tests only.)

Opiates (OPI)Heroin1-2 days
Morphine2 days
Methadone3 days
Meperidine2-3 days
Codeine2 days
Propoxyphene6 hrs to 2 days
Oxycodone1-3 days
HallucinogensLysergic Acid1-5 days
Marijuana and CannabinoidsUp to 45 days
Phencyclidine1-4 weeks
StimulantsCocaine3-4 days
Amphetamines3-10 days
Methylene-2, 4 dioxy-methamphetamineUp to 24 hrs
Methamphetamine48 hrs to 10 days
Barbiturates (BAR)Pentobarbital2 days
Secobarbital2 days
Butabarbital2 days
Butalbital2 days
Phenobarbital1-3 weeks
Alcohol & MetabolitesEthanolUp to 1 day
MethanolUp to 1 day
IsopropanolUp to 1 day
Ethyl GlucuronideUp to 3 days
Ethylene GlycolUp to 1 day
Benzodiazepines (BZO)Diazepam5-7 days
Oxazepam5-7 days
Alprazolam5-7 days
Clonazepam5-14 days
Chlordiazepoxide5-7 days
Lorazepam5-7 days
Flunitrazepam72 hrs
Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate12 hrs
KetamineUp to 72 hrs

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  1. Jessica

    I just used the multiple substance test & it helped to prove my gut right. The test was very user friendly, fast, & results were clear. Customer Service was great & my shipment arrived quickly. I hope to never have to order another test, but if I do it will be from this company.

  2. Product Manager

    Hi Jessica, thank you for your review. We appreciate your comments and are pleased it helped with identifying the unknown substance.

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