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All You Need to Know About Mistral Products

When you find an unknown pill or see white powder in the home or what appears to be signs of drug use in the office bathroom, you can only guess what it is unless you send a sample of what you find to a lab for analysis. Over the years, identifying an unknown substance was expensive because a laboratory had to do the analysis. Times have changed, and so has the research behind technology. Everything changed when Mistral Security released a new kind of test that could be used at home or in the workplace. Their products made it possible to detect and identify many illicit drugs in seconds without any prior training, and the crazy high prices attributed to lab analysis.

Residue or surface drug test kits can serve as an investigative tool unique to the industry. More importantly, the analysis does NOT destroy the evidence like other tests. These drug residue detection and drug class identification tests are based on wet chemistry using colorimetric reagents. The chemical creates a reaction when they contact specific narcotic substances by changing to a distinct color.

These sophisticated surface drug tests will detect tiny amounts of drug residue from many surfaces, even when there is no trace. The latest generation of drug detection and identification products are so advanced that they can detect microscopic amounts and over 40 different drugs from one test.

Mistral Security Inc. and the rest of the Mistral™ Group offer new, precise, affordable methods to facilitate drug identification. Clients include the Military, Anti-Narcotic Agencies, Crime Scene Investigators, Homeland Security, Schools, and private individuals.

Benefits of Residue Drug Detection Kits

Residue detection test kits have immediate results. They can be used in or outdoors, and there is no special training to use them. Available as a Pen Test and PDT or Presumptive Drug Test. The process is quick and easy, takes less than 30 seconds, and can detect over forty different substances simultaneously.

Pen Test Drug Detection and Identification Kit

The Pen Test drug detection product range includes a series of multi and single-drug ampoules that are precise and easy to use. The D4D Pen Test detects Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Morphine, PCP, Codeine, Ketamine, Ephedrine-Pseudoephedrine, and Methadone.

Pen Tests for single drug detection are available as Cocaine (COCA), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Heroin (HEROSOL), Marijuana (CANNABIS), Opiate (OPIATEST), and Methamphetamine and Ecstasy (METH-X). And Fentanyl is available as a PDT Presumptive Drug Test.

As a distributor for Mistral Security, we supply their complete range of products. If you need a product we don’t list or require a price for large quantities, contact us via email we will respond by return.