• 6 panel drug test cup

    T-cup 6 panel drug test cup

    From: $3.99
    A comprehensive 6 panel urine drug test cup from Wondfo. This product detects six drugs of abuse in one cup and employs a one-step process making testing very easy. Each test also has a specimen temperature check and optional adulterant test. Available in two configurations.
  • 12 panel urine drug test cup

    12 panel urine drug test cup – Urine test

    From: $6.39
    The product featured is a 12 panel urine drug test cup. It's a one-step test for twelve (12) drugs and includes a temperature and specimen test within the specimen cup. The device is FDA cleared, and CLIA waived.

Wondfo drug test kits.

Low cost, premium quality drug, and alcohol test kits. Available with the following methodology: Urine and Oral saliva. Detects from one to fourteen different drugs simultaneously!

When the price is important, Wondfo is the answer; available in two formats: Integrated cup, where the container is an integral part of the test and dip card. Both produce reliable, accurate results within four minutes.

All kits are supplied with a product insert and shipped same day whenever possible.

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