Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

  • Surface drug test D4D

    Surface drug test D4D – Drug residue test kit

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    If you find a suspicious powder, pill or liquid and don’t know what it is, then the surface drug test D4D is the solution, it will tell you if it’s an illegal drug in minutes. The drug residue test detects trace amounts of over thirty-seven (37) different narcotics from most surfaces.
  • Surface drug test kit CH

    Surface drug test kit CH – Drug residue test kit

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    This product is designed to detect and identify residue or bulk amounts of illicit and prescription drugs. The surface drug test kit CH is a powerful non-toxic test which takes seconds to confirm your suspicions.
  • Surface drug testing kits

    Surface drug testing kits – Residue drug test

    From: $10.49
    The surface drug testing kit shown here is a multiple drug detection and identification test for over forty (40) unknown illicit drugs. Its purpose is to detect and identify trace or bulk amounts of drug residue from surfaces and articles. Suitable for powder, unknown pills or liquid!

Tests for LSD

LSD is a white powder or a clear, colorless liquid. It is well known for its psychological and hallucinogenic effects which can include altered thinking processes.

Common street names: Acid, animal, barrels, beast, blotter, Micro dots, kool aid, LSD-25, lysergide,  panes, sandoz, tabs, trips, white lightning, window panes.

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