11 panel drug test - detect eleven (11) drugs instantly

  • oral fluid drug screen

    T-Cube oral fluid drug screen – test for 5 to 10 drugs

    This is an oral fluid drug screen designed to detect drugs from saliva.  This new generation of drug screening relies on saliva from the mouth to detect drugs of abuse. The device has two parts; the T-cube and applicator carrying a sponge. It’s simple, noninvasive procedure screens from five to ten popular drugs simultaneously.
  • 11 panel drug test

    11 panel drug test for all employees

    This rapid drug screen detects 11 commonly abused illicit and prescription drugs in a one-step urine test. It is available in 2 variations. Conforms to NIDA cut-off level guidelines maintaining 99% accuracy. CLIA Waived and FDA cleared.
  • 11 panel oral drug alcohol test

    11 panel oral drug alcohol test – Saliva test kit

    The product featured here is a non-invasive eleven-panel oral saliva drug screen. 11-panel oral drug alcohol test detects ten drugs plus alcohol using saliva from the mouth. Its simple design means it can be administered anywhere and by anyone as no previous knowledge or training is required.

11 panel drug test kit detects eleven (11) drugs simultaneously:

Detects 11 specific drugs from urine, saliva, and unknown substances. Available in different configurations.

Formats: Urine dip and cup, oral saliva and residue surface test. These products are in stock and shipped the same day.

Perfect for use at home or the workplace for drug testing employees, including, pre-employment, random, post-accident testing and for testing unknown substances.