11 Panel Drug Test

/ 11 Panel Drug Test

A eleven (11) panel drug test is designed to detect eleven specific drugs of abuse.

These devices detect eleven specific drugs from urine or saliva. Powder or pills can be tested using an unknown substance test. These drug test kits are available in many configurations.

Formats available: Urine dip and cup, oral saliva, and residue surface test. These products are in stock and shipped the same day.

Perfect for use at home or the workplace for drug testing employees, including pre-employment, random, post-accident testing, and testing unknown substances.

  • Sale! Surface drug test for Narcotics

    Surface Drug Test for Narcotics – A Residue Test for over 40 Drugs of Abuse

    From: $8.49 each.
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    This product is designed to detect and identify drug residue, either trace or bulk. The drug residue test for Narcotics detects and identifies illicit or prescription drugs in seconds. It’s a powerful non-toxic test that takes seconds to confirm your suspicions. It detects and identifies drug residue, pills, powder, and liquid with a simple application. Apply the test to any suspect surface to detect a drug.

  • Sale! Surface drug testing kits for detecting Drug Residue

    Surface drug testing kits for detecting Drug Residue

    From: $15.99 each.
    Distributed by BuyaTestKit

    This is a test for detecting trace amounts of narcotic drugs. Surface drug testing kits detect over forty (40) unknown illicit drugs from a simple application. Designed to detect and identify trace or bulk amounts of drug residue from surfaces, clothing, bedrooms, and automobiles. Suitable for testing suspect powder, unknown pills, and liquid!

  • 11 panel drug test Cup with Alcohol

    Drugs of Abuse 11 panel drug test Cup with Alcohol

    From: $3.48 ea.
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    Distributed by BuyaTestKit

    If you want to catch the cheaters and reduce drug abuse in your workplace or rehab facility, then this is the one to beat.  The 11 panel drug test cup features one-step eleven-panel integrated drugs of abuse test plus EtG alcohol, a urine temperature check, and adulterant test all in one—a new design with super low cut-off levels.

  • 11 panel oral drug alcohol test

    11 Panel Oral Drug Alcohol Test – Saliva Test for Eleven Drugs of Abuse

    From: $5.20 ea.
    11 panel oral drug alcohol test
    Distributed by BuyaTestKit

    The product featured here is a non-invasive eleven-panel oral saliva drug screen. The 11-panel oral drug test detects ten drugs of abuse plus alcohol from saliva in the mouth. Its simple design means it can be administered anywhere and by anyone as no previous knowledge or training is required.