4 panel drug test

  • Surface drug test Cocaine

    Surface drug test Cocaine – Residue test kit

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    The Surface drug test Cocaine shown here is designed to detect and identify cocaine and crack cocaine. This test works by wiping a suspect surface; keyboard work surface, clothing, liquids and more to highlight trace amounts of drug residue. The analysis will identify powder, pills or liquid.
  • 4 panel drug test ES

    4 panel drug test ES kit

    From: $1.12
    The product featured here is a urine drug test for four drugs. Commonly know as a 4 panel drug test ES it’s a fast acting one-step urine test gives rapid results with supreme performance conforming to strict cut-off levels for consistent reliability. This product is FDA cleared an CLIA waived.
  • 4 panel drug test kits

    4 panel drug test kit

    4 panel drug test kit detects four individual drugs in one test. One-step test for the detection of multiple drugs and metabolites in human urine with FDA 510(k) clearance and CLIA Waived.
  • Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit

    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit

    From: $2.76
    Multi-Level Marijuana drug test kit. A urine test that will tell you whether there is high levels of THC in your system, medium, low, very low or none at all. The solution when you need to see how much THC is in your body. Many people and for various reasons use these tests to see if they're positive for THC.

4 panel drug test kit detects four (4) drugs simultaneously:

A four-panel drug test is designed to detect four drugs. Typically this type of test requires a urine sample for analysis; they are available in different configurations to test different drugs of choice.

Formats: Urine dip card and surface test.

They are perfect for testing at home or workplace for, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing. There is also a test for unknown powder of pills found around the home or office.