Self drug test kits for use at home

Self drug test kits are proving to be very effective in controlling drug abuse.

In the US and many cities around the world, the use of illicit substances amongst young adults is a growing issue that society is trying to curb. The main focus is on teens because they are in a phase of vulnerability as they are open to trying lots of different ways to get a ‘High’. It is at this age that they often try out drugs, alcohol and many other unsafe substances.

Teenagers all over the world often believe that they are just trying out these drugs to see what the big deal is about them. But they often end up becoming addicted. And a young person that is addicted to drugs and other illicit substances is unlikely to grow into a productive adult. That is if they make it to adulthood because many lose their lives to drugs and substance abuse and other related incidences.

That is why as a responsible parent, you have to ensure that your children stay clear of hazardous substances. You ought to watch them because, at this phase of their lives, they are very vulnerable to peer pressure. Using a home drug test kit is one of the best ways to find out if your child is abusing drugs. These safe and effective dip drug testing kits can help you discover teen drug abuse in its early stages. This can help you prevent them from getting addicted to these drugs of abuse. It can also help protect your kids from drug or alcohol abuse in the future.

A recovering addict can benefit with a self drug test.

Modern self drug test kits are so much effective because they are easy to use. These screening kits are designed to be easily administered by a parent or guardian. They can be used in your home without the need to have an expert medical practitioner with you. If you had to take your kids to a medical center for drug abuse checks, it would be expensive, time consuming and strain the relationship between parents and their children.

These kits are also liked by many people because they are effortless to take care of and also provide reliable outcomes. They can detect many drugs that are popular amongst teens like Spice, Marijuana, Opiates, Cocaine, Oxycodone, Alcohol, Methamphetamine and many others. So once, you buy self drug test kits, you don’t have to worry that your kid is taking a drug that cannot be detected.

One interesting thing that often happens after you buy drug test kits for your residence is that it acts as a deterrent. Kids, who know that their parents regularly test them, will try and avoid the use of these drugs all together. Remember, examining your kids often does not suggest that you do not trust them. Instead, you are ensuring that your child is making the right decisions and keeping away from drugs and substance abuse.

Self drug test kits for use at home.

Question: What are self drug test kits and how do they compare to a laboratory drug test?

Answer: A self drug test kit is a competitive immunoassay screening device capable of giving almost instant drug test results using dry chemistry. A laboratory will use a similar method to initially screen a test sample. If a sample produces a presumptive positive result, meaning the initial screen shows a positive reading, then the sample will be further analyzed, typically using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

This is a confirmation of the suspect sample to prove that there is in deed a drug present. The screening method for use at home or in a lab is much the same. What determines a negative or a presumptive positive is the cut-off level. Cut-off levels are set at a point where there is a demonstrably high statistical probability that the drug will be detected if present.  More information can be found at  National Institution on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Question: How does this help me?

Answer: Most drug test kits are FDA cleared, so they can be used at home without supervision. Refer to our instructions on how to properly collect a urine sample from a person for a drug test. We recommend that this method be used for employee and at home drug testing.

Question: What type of drug test kits are available?

Answer: Typically, up to thirteen drugs can be detected in one test using Urine dip tests, Urine cup tests and Oral fluid tests. Oral fluid test kits are not normally FDA cleared so we advise you use urine drug test products.

Question: What are the best self test kits?

Answer: Five and ten-panel self-test kits are the most popular. Always use branded kits and never buy from a dubious source. Talk to a professional on what drugs you suspect the person has abused. You can search for suitable test kits that test for those drugs here.