Should I test my teenager for drugs

Should I test my teenager for drugs?

Should I test my teenager for drugs?

Should I test my teenager for drugs? If you suspect drug use or not it doesn’t hurt to check them. Detecting drug abuse is achieved with various methodologies and different types of drug tests.  Testing your teen for drugs gives you peace of mind, and they shouldn’t object if they are clean. A drug test takes just minutes to administer, and the results are instant. These tests can be performed at home and without fuss. More information is available on urine drug testing describing how they work and how to use them.

Questions to consider.

  • Is my teen showing unusual habits?
  • Are they around friends that use drugs?
  • Are they secretive?
  • Are they getting into trouble?
  • Have you noticed prescription drugs disappearing from the medicine cabinet?
  • Have you noticed money disappearing from your wallet?

These are all signs that you should be aware of and should be observing all the time. Below is a chart that shows the dangers of popular drugs of abuse. It highlights the severity, withdrawal, tolerance, dependence, reinforcement, and intoxication.

Should I test my teenager for drugs


How difficult it is for the user to quit, the relapse rate, the percentage of people who eventually become dependent, the rating users give their own need for the substance and the degree to which the drug of choice will be used in the face of evidence that it causes harm.


Presence and severity of characteristic withdrawal symptoms.


How much of the substance is needed to satisfy increased cravings for it and the stable level stable eventually reached?


A measure of the substance’s ability, in human tests, to get users to take it again and again, and in preference to other elements.


Though not usually counted as a measure of addiction in itself, the level of intoxication is associated with addiction and increases the personal and social damage a substance may do.

Testing for drug abuse and suspicion with a drug test kit is used either at home or in the workplace. These tests are simple to administer and are give accurate results.

The most common drug tests at home kits are the 5-panel drug test, but muti-drug tests detect up to fourteen drugs some with a check for alcohol as well.

Drug Rankings by Harm
Substance Physical Harm Dependence Social Harm US Schedule
Heroin 2.78 3.00 2.54 I
Cocaine 2.33 2.39 2.17 II
Barbiturates 2.23 2.01 2.00 III
Street Methadone 1.86 2.08 1.87 II
Alcohol 1.40 1.93 2.21 n/s
Ketamine 2.00 1.54 1.69 III
Benzodiazepines 1.63 1.83 1.65 IV
Amphetamine 1.81 1.67 1.50 II
Tobacco 1.24 2.21 1.42 n/s
Buprenorphine 1.60 1.64 1.49 III
Cannabis 0.99 1.51 1.50 I
Solvents 1.28 1.01 1.52 n/s
4-MTA 1.44 1.30 1.06 n/s
LSD 1.13 1.23 1.32 I
Methylphenidate 1.32 1.25 0.97 II
Anabolic steroids 1.45 0.88 1.13 III
GHB 0.86 1.19 1.30 I
Ecstasy 1.05 1.13 1.09 I

Where Should I test my teenager for drugs?

In this modern world, there are many options to choose from; Drugstores are most common and sell many types of drug tests. Don’t go for the cheapest, don’t go for the fancy looking box either. Pick something that tests for at least five drugs and makes sure the five drugs are ones you are checking. Alternatively, take a look here Here you will find a big selection of tests with prices a lot lower than the local drug store. One final option and that is, where should I test my teenager for drugs? Do a little research and find a local drug testing lab. Tell them that you want a lab test for your teenager. They will send your teen’s urine sample to a SAMHSA approved lab, provide a report for under $50. Typically this will take around 2 to 3 days to get the report.

Reference: Healthy Children

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