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How to decide on the best drug test for your situation

What is the best drug test kit?

It all depends on what you need the test for; There are different devices available depending on necessity. Below are the various types currently used for detecting drugs. The latest techniques make it possible to not only use urine and saliva to identify drug abuse, but now it’s possible to recognize unknown powder and pills as well. These can be used around the home or at your place of work, all without professional knowledge.

What is the best drug test for the Workplace?

Dip card analysis

best drug test kits

The simplest by far, the most popular method testing employees is with a Dip-card; they are easy to administer and detect up to thirteen drugs simultaneously. The most common is the five or ten panels options. These kits are also available with a specimen validity check to determine urine integrity before testing for drugs, assuring the administrator the donor is not trying to cheat.

Features & Benefits: Very quick results, low cost, 99% accurate, easy to use and results appear in minutes.

Cup analysis

best drug test kits

The cup configuration has many benefits as all parts are integrated within the cup. This includes a cup, temperature check, analysis, and specimen validity check.

Features & Benefits: The cup design is a lot cleaner to handle and less prone to mistakes. The cup is for the donor’s urine sample, the temp strip on the cup is for monitoring sample temperature, and the results of the analysis is read directly on the cup. There is an optional specimen validity check that checks the integrity of the urine sample, making it more difficult for a donor to alter their sample. Results appear in minutes for the whole process.

Oral/Saliva analysis

best drug test kits

Oral fluid or saliva drug testing is a method for detecting drug metabolites from saliva in the mouth. It is most suitable when the procedure is carried out on-site, or there are no on-site bathroom facilities available.

Features & Benefits: The analysis only takes a few minutes and the results are almost instant. They can be used anywhere that’s appropriate for testing. It is difficult for the donor to defeat the analysis.

Identifying Drug Residue

best drug test kits

A drug residue test detects trace amounts of illicit drugs from many sources and can positively identify the presence even when invisible. Testing the workplace for signs of residue drugs is a simple process and can be used for testing surfaces, clothing, computer keyboards, bags, purses, automobiles, and more.

Features & Benefits: Results appear in seconds, detect many different narcotics drugs, simple to use and easy to interpret.

What is the best drug test for use at home?

Dip card analysis

best drug test kits

These are by far the most popular method of drug testing at home. Dip-card drug test kits are easy to administer in your bathroom. One device can detect up to thirteen drugs simultaneously. The most popular varieties come in 5 and 10-panels, identifying 5 or 10 drugs simultaneously. These kits are also available with a specimen validity to check integrity, ensuring the urine sample was not contaminated or tampered with by the donor.

Features & Benefits: Low cost, accurate, easy to use and administer, results appear in minutes.

Cup analysis

best drug test kits

A test cup has the benefit of being a fully integrated drug test negating the need for a separate cup. It includes a urine temperature check as well as an optional specimen validity check.

Features & Benefits: Ideal for simple, clean drug testing. Integrated cup with urine temperature check and drug analysis all in one. Accurate, easy to use, and administer with no exposure to urine. The results appear in minutes on the side of the cup.

Identifying Drug Residue

Surface drug tests

Surface drug tests quickly identify trace amounts of illicit drugs from many sources and can positively identify their presence even when you can’t see it. Use around the home, including your teenager’s room, is simplicity itself. You can check almost any surface as well as clothing, plastic bags, worktops, computer keyboards, automobiles, and more.

Features & Benefits: Results appear in seconds, detects and identifies many different drugs, simple to use and easy to interpret.

What is the best drug test for identifying drug abuse?

○ How many drugs should I be testing for?

If you are not sure what drug or drugs test for, then use a device that detects the major drug groups: Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Marijuana, and Methamphetamine. This is what we would call a ‘five-panel drug test’.

○ How many tests should I purchase?

This is a difficult one to answer. Always have some in reserve. If you need to test ten or more people, then a box of twenty-five is perfect. These devices have a shelf life of over eighteen months, so they will last for the next round of testing or for unexpected tests you may need to do in the interim.

○ How often should I test?

This depends on the individual or the workplace. If the workplace is related to construction or has safety-sensitive issues like drivers, forklift operators, or heavy machinery operators, then these should be performed randomly. If you observe unusual behavior, then test immediately. For parents testing their loved ones at home, it can be more complicated. Depending on the situation, then check them every week until you see an improvement. Never give your loved ones advanced notice you are about to test them.

○ Should I test a specimen for adulterants?

We recommend a specimen/adulterant check before every drug test. Think about this. If you were an employee and you need to pass the drug test, you will do whatever it takes to pass. After all, it is their job that’s on the line. Don’t be fooled by what they say or their excuses; individuals will lie to pass and keep their job.

○ Should I use a urine or saliva test?

The answer to this one depends on many things. We recommend urine tests whenever possible; they are cheaper and have a greater window of detection compared to a saliva test. Oral saliva tests are useful when you need to test away from the home or workplace, or there are no convenient places for testing.

○ What if I want to detect a particular drug or drugs?

Testing for only one drug can be dangerous unless you are confident this is the only drug they abuse. We have determined that a user may change their drug of choice to avoid detection. Our recommendation is to check for an array of commonly abused drugs using a ten-panel device.

○ Can I test for prescription drugs?

The abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic proportions globally. The most common being opioids, these are synthetic opiates. Other abused drugs include Amphetamine and Benzodiazepine based drugs. The brand names for some of these are Adderall, Ambien, OxyContin, Zolpidem, Dilaudid, Seroquel, Xanax, Desoxyn, Tussionex, and Opana. Warning, prescription drugs are no safer than street drugs when abused and have far-reaching effects, physically and mentally. If you are not sure what they are taking, expand your testing to a twelve-panel drug test.

○ How long does a drug stay in the body?

The answer depends on some factors: Detection will rely on the person’s metabolic rate, body mass, how pure it was and how often ingested. Typically a drug can be detected in the body over to 96 hours from ingestion. The only sure way is to do the test and see the result.

In conclusion.

The best drug test is the one that detects the drugs of abuse, seems obvious, but you may be surprised how many times a device is purchased, which analyzes for the wrong drug or drugs. Buy the best test money can buy, make sure it’s of good quality, and able to demonstrate consistent results. Make sure the test is administered correctly, and follow the instructions precisely, catching the abusers as you go.

The second thing to remember is if you are not sure, use a twelve-panel drug test device. Avoid an oral saliva test unless it’s your only option.

Finally, we can’t help you with every aspect of testing, but our guides above is a start in defining what is the best drug test to use and for what drugs. We hope you find this section helpful.

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