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5 panel drug test kit

A 5 panel drug test is a device that samples urine for drugs of abuse. It may may include the five major classes of drugs as advised by SAMHSA. Typically, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Marijuana and Phencyclidine.

Because of their versatility they can test for other drugs such as Methamphetamine, Oxycodone and more depending on your needs.

The most popular is the ‘DIP’ testing method but the integrated ‘CUP’ test is also used. The results are virtually instant and are 99% accurate.

How to buy a 5 panel drug screen for $1.78 each

Wow! Why are they so cheap? Often when a product is cheap there must be something wrong with it. It confirms the saying “Its too good to be true” Well not always, let’s check out the specs. Five panels, each panel detects one drug of abuse. Marijuana. Legal in many states. Amphetamines. A Schedule II controlled substance. Methamphetamine. A Schedule II controlled substance. Cocaine. A Schedule II controlled substance. Opiates. A Schedule I, II, III,  V controlled substance. 5 panel drug screen benefits Complies to Federal requirements for sensitivity and accuracy FDA 510(K) certified – The Federal Drug Administration has ... Read more

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family

Choosing the right drug test. Substance abuse testing. Choosing the right test for employees or family can be hit or miss unless you know what you are doing. Read our guide on testing, cost saving, and the benefits. Observing behavioral changes in your teen may be a sign that they may be consuming illicit substances in their room or out with their friends. A good number of parents across the US are very concerned that their children maybe compromising their future by substance abuse. Of course, sudden behavioral changes may not be due to abuse, and so you cannot easily ... Read more

Why are there different drug test panels?

4 panel – 5 panel – 9 panel – 10 panel – 12 panel Why is it necessary to have so many different drug test panels? And, a panel means nothing on its own it’s just a description of how many tests it does at once. A 4-panel drug test identifies four drugs, a 5-panel detects five drugs, and a 10-panel identifies ten drugs and so on. When putting together a test or panel for drugs of abuse it’s important to understand what drugs are to be tested and why. Employers should make sure their employees are screened for the ... Read more

5 panel drug screen, which one is right for you?

5 panel drug screen test When you are told to get a drug test or you need to test a loved one, what do you do? An employer may give you instructions to a local testing facility. Or you can purchase a test online. What does the test do? Typically, it will screen your urine for drugs of abuse for five drugs similar to the ones available here; Usually referred to as rapid or instant test the device consists of five absorbent ‘fingers’, either integrated into a special cup or a dip card; The benefit of this type of test ... Read more

Are drug test kits good value?

Are drug test kits good value? I was researching drug test kits and came across this article from a person who bought five over the counter drug test kits from a Dollar Tree store. It made me laugh knowing that unregulated drug test kits are not FDA approved for a reason. [quote ]I can’t believe Dollar Tree sells marijuana drug test kits. My nephew bought 5 of them just for the hell of it. He did it first and tested positive. Which doesn’t surprise me but–I took it, and it came back positive. I don’t smoke. Haven’t in a very, ... Read more

Top rated home drug test kits

Top rated home drug test kits. If you, like me had a situation where someone in the family had a drug problem, then where do you go and what do you to get help? My wife was drinking too much and taking pills. I started by searching the internet for answers but was going around in circles with misinformation and wrong advice. Doctors told me to send her to AA. Hospitals said they could not help unless she was Baker Acted by the police. Alcoholics Anonymous turned out to be unhelpful because she didn’t want to go, she was in denial. I received violent and verbal abuse ... Read more