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5 panel drug test

What is a five panel drug test? When your school, employer or a court asks you to get a drug test, you either go to a local testing facility, or your employer’s premises. They will take a urine sample from you and use it to establish you are drug free.

The test will screen a urine sample for drugs of abuse, may may include the five major classes of drugs as advised by SAMHSA. Typically, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Marijuana and Phencyclidine.

They may use a ‘DIP’ or ‘CUP’ for testing purposes. The results are virtually instant and are 99% accurate.

5 panel drug screen, which one is right for you?

5 panel drug screen test When you are told to get a drug test or you need to test a loved one, what do you do? An employer may give you instructions to a local testing facility. Or you can purchase a test online. What does the test do? Typically, it will screen your urine for drugs of abuse for five drugs similar to the ones available here; Usually referred to as rapid or instant test the device consists of five absorbent ‘fingers’, either integrated into a special cup or a dip card; The benefit of this type of test ... Read more

Benefits of 5 panel drug tests

Benefits of 5 panel drug tests They are simple to administer, quick and efficient way to detect substance abuse from an individual. Some of the most common illegal substances taken by people are marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, and cocaine. Intake of a substance can have harsh effects on the health of the abuser as well as in the workplace where he/she works. All these aforementioned drugs give various intoxication after-effects which are slowing down the thinking as well as the reaction time of an individual. Amphetamines can cause a lack of concentration, memory loss, impaired coordination, confusion, etc. These may result ... Read more