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Protect your family by drug testing at home

Drug testing at home. More and more people today are abusing illicit drugs, whether it be illegal or a prescription. It is one of the worst effects of modernization and globalization on every human being; especially, for parents concerned about substance abuse because of the sorrow, distress, and anguish, it causes. For this reason, testing at home became more commonplace, and simple to use test kits were made available to diagnose the problem. Not so long ago, a person who needed a drug test had to go to a laboratory. However, the situation has changed because of new technological advancements in medical science. Now drug ... Read more

Are drug test kits good value? Yes if you purchase from a reputable source

I was researching drug test kits and came across this article from a person who bought five over the counter drug test kits from a Dollar Tree store. It made me laugh knowing that unregulated drug test kits are not FDA approved for a reason. I can’t believe Dollar Tree sells marijuana drug test kits. My nephew bought 5 of them just for the hell of it. He did it first and tested positive. Which doesn’t surprise me but–I took it, and it came back positive. I don’t smoke. Haven’t in a very, very long time. My wife took it; ... Read more

Why use drug test kits? After all, nobody I know uses drugs.

Why use drug test kits? Not testing an individual or employee for substance abuse may be the worst mistake you ever make. Here’s why.. June of 2007 saw the first real interest in drug testing at home and testing in the workplace. January 2008 also saw a spike. In trying to understand this new interest, I did some research. Firstly I examined each state to see if state laws had any effect. New York and Utah showed the biggest interest while states such as New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada showed very little interest. Back in 2004, there seemed to be ... Read more

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family

Choosing the right drug test. Substance abuse testing. Choosing the right test for employees or family can be hit or miss unless you know what you are doing. Read our guide on testing, cost saving, and the benefits. Observing behavioral changes in your teen may be a sign that they may be consuming illicit substances in their room or out with their friends. A good number of parents across the US are very concerned that their children maybe compromising their future by substance abuse. Of course, sudden behavioral changes may not be due to abuse, and so you cannot easily ... Read more

How to test for prescription drugs with a simple test.

Test for prescription drugs. Testing for a prescribed drug these days is very straightforward. People assume prescription drugs are safe as they were prescribed by a doctor, the problem is they often become addicted, and this leads to abuse. The latest testing techniques detect these drugs with either urine or oral saliva fluid test. They are simple to use, and results are quick and accurate. Check the drug you want to be analyzed is listed on the product before purchase, you can find this by looking at the product insert, or here. It is essential to check as not all drug tests ... Read more

Self drug test kits for use at home

Self drug test kits are proving to be very effective in controlling drug abuse. In the US and many cities around the world, the use of illicit substances amongst young adults is a growing issue that society is trying to curb. The main focus is on teens because they are in a phase of vulnerability as they are open to trying lots of different ways to get a ‘High’. It is at this age that they often try out drugs, alcohol and many other unsafe substances. Teenagers all over the world often believe that they are just trying out these drugs to ... Read more