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Choosing the right drug test for employees or family

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family.

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family can be hit or miss unless you know what you are doing. Read our guide on testing and the benefits.

At home testing.

Observing behavioral changes in your teen may be a sign that they may be consuming illicit substances in their room or out with their friends. A good number of parents across the US are very concerned that their children maybe compromising their future by substance abuse.

Of course, sudden behavioral changes may not be due to drug or alcohol abuse, and so you cannot easily conclude that your teen is on drugs. Behavioral changes may occur due to depression and academic stress. Numerous drug test kits are presently available in the market that can help you find out if your child is actually on drugs. And you do not require any specific training, as these kits are very easy to use.

The most popular types of tests kits available are saliva, urine, and hair. Hair drug test is capable of detecting substance abuse up to 90 days, while a urine test can detect drugs from 1-30 days. Saliva tests are good for detecting from 8 hours to 3 days.

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family can save you a huge amount of money. You do not have to drive anywhere to get expensive tests done. There is no need to visit a doctor or spend time waiting in line to be tested at a test lab.

Benefits of using drug test kits at home.

A few years ago, a person who needed a drug test had to go all the way to a laboratory to be tested. However, the situation has changed now because of new technological advancements in medical science. Now you can perform a drug test at home by using drugs test kits. These kits are very easy to use and anyone can use these kits without any professional guidance.

Most doctors will advise you to buy drug test kits from your local drug store. It’s a simple way to check whether your teens, spouse or anyone in your home is using drugs or not. As it is correctly said that, precaution is better than cure. Early detection of drugs usage will help you in saving your loved ones from becoming drug addicts.

Employee testing.

If you own a business, you would probably want to evaluate your employees. Keep a close watch on them. There is a likelihood that some of your staff members are working under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Working under the influence produce many threats; absenteeism, productivity, accidents, theft, and workers comp insurance. All of these can greatly affect your overall bottom line to your business.

Choosing the right drug test for employees or family is not a difficult task. You can buy a urine drug-test kit in many formats, single tests or multiple tests kits. Single test kits detect only a single drug, while multiple test kits detect up to 12  drugs at a time.

Be very careful when you buy drug tests kits, as not all brands are of the same quality and therefore the results can to vary immensely. If you are not completely sure regarding what type of drug test kit you need, follow the many articles under SOLUTIONS, there you will find suitable guidance. Truly, choosing the right drug test for employees or family has never been so easy!

Major benefits of drug testing employees or family.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy: Drug testing individuals is convenient because while performing a drug test, they will know that the results will be known only to them, so they will not hesitate, even if the test result is positive.
  • Less Expensive: If you buy drug test kits, then you will be saving a lot of money, which you might otherwise spend on expensive drug tests at a laboratory. Usually, the price of a kit depends upon the number of drugs it can detect. Therefore, if you want to use it only for a particular drug, you can use a single-panel urine kit. However, it is better to buy multi-panel drugs test kits, as it can detect more drugs.
  • Instant Results: We are aware of the fact that results for lab tests generally take a few days. However, the result of rapid drug tests will be available in few minutes. These kits are designed to give accurate and instant results and save a lot of time.
  • User-Friendly: Drug test kits are designed in such a way that an administrator does not need to have a medical background to use it. The kits come with a printed manual, in which every procedure for performing the tests is mentioned. By following the instructions, anyone can perform a drug test either at home or the workplace and get the desired results.

However, while buying a drug test kit, you must always ensure that they are FDA cleared. With genuine authorization, the reliability of test kits is guaranteed. There are various options available for the purchase of these kits like the local drug store. However, you will get the best deals on drug test kits from They have a wide range at competitive prices, so buying this way is always a smart option.

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Protect your family by drug testing at home

drug testing at home

Drug testing at home.

More and more people today are abusing illicit drugs, whether it be illegal or prescription. It is one of the worst effects of modernization and globalization on every human being; especially, for parents who are concerned about drug abuse because of the sorrow, distress, and anguish it causes. For this reason, drug testing at home became more commonplace and simple to use test kits were made available to diagnose the problem.

Not so long ago, a person who needed a drug test had to go to a laboratory. However, the situation has changed because of new technological advancements in medical science. Now drug testing at home can be achieved by using a drug abuse test kit. These kits are very easy to use, and anyone can use them without any professional guidance. Most doctors will advise you to buy drug test kit because they are readily available and inexpensive. Checking whether your teens, spouse or anyone in your home is using drugs is easy. Precaution is better than cure. Early detection of drugs use can help save a loved one from becoming an addict.

Advantages of drug testing at home.

The primary advantage of drug testing at home is that it may deter a loved one from becoming a drug abuser. Some parents may hesitate in buying home drug test kits, but it is smart option to have them on hand whenever you need them. A drug test kit, in most cases, shows results in minutes giving you peace of mind almost instantly.

In most of the cases, parents are unaware that their teens may be abusing drugs. In fact, many parents unintentionally ignore symptoms such as watery and red eyes, puffy face, staggering walk, runny nose, etc. However, it is quite challenging to keep an eye on every action of them, so having a test kit on hand will be useful.

Whenever you notice the symptoms as mentioned above or unusual behavior such as non-involvement in family activities, destructive behavior, extensive use of money, etc., you can talk to them and discuss issues they may have. Tell them you are going to test them for drugs. The obvious benefit is the testing in the privacy of your own home.

Privacy of testing at home.

The non-involvement of the third person like any doctor or laboratory will make your teen more conformable. Drugs testing at home maintains the privacy of the test as well as the results, and for this reason, your teen may become more secure and show a positive response to the drug test. This way, you can take care of your teen and prevent them from becoming a drug addict in the future.

Having drug test kits at home from the initial stage will ensure that your teen will steer them away from peer pressure. Studies show that random drug testing at home with home drug test kits makes a teen less likely be exposed to substance abuse.

There are two effective methods of testing at home: Urine test or an Oral fluid/Saliva test. Both are effective and as accurate as each other. However oral drug tests tend to have a much shorter window of detection that urine.

Benefits of drug testing at home.

  • Confidential and Private: By drug testing at home, you will able to test when and where you want. He or she will know that the results will be known only to their parents, so they should be more agreeable, even if the test results are positive.
  • Cost-effective: These types of drug tests are very affordable compared to a drug testing laboratory. Usually, the price of a kit depends upon the number of drugs it can detect. Buy a multi-drug test, it tests for multiple drugs at once and costs very little extra.
  • Instant Results: We are aware of the fact that results from a lab can take a few days. However, the result of drug test at home will be available in few minutes. Results are instant taking at most ten minutes before the test result appears.
  • User-friendly: Drug test kits are designed in such a way that a person, who has no medical background can use them. Anyone can use the drug test kit; just follow the systematic procedure mentioned HERE.
  • Detect Multiple Drugs: By using multi drugs of abuse test, it will be highly effective in detecting prescription and illicit drugs that you are not aware they are abusing. You can find these kits in both cups as well as dip card forms.
  • Regular testing: A random drug testing schedule is recommended as this will keep a tab on the drug abuse habits, and thus, you can avoid potentially unwanted consequences to a loved one. Guiding them about the harmful effects on the body will help them quit the habit.

Always confirm a presumed positive result.

Note: A drug test kit provides a preliminary screen, so all presumed positive results should be confirmed. Use a more definitive form of testing such as GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry).  Your local lab testing facility can provide this for you upon request.

FDA cleared drug test kits are recommended as they have been cleared for use at home and are likely more accurate. There are various options available for the purchase of these kits like the local drug store. However, you will get the best deals when buying online from reputable sources like They have a wide range at low prices, so buying this way is always a smart option.

Five-panel drug test kit.

A five-panel drug test is a simple, quick and efficient method to detect general drug abuse in an individual. Some of the most common illegal drugs taken by people are marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamine, phencyclidine, and cocaine. Intake of a drug or medication can have harsh effects on the health of the abuser as well as on the parents. The drugs mentioned above produce various intoxication effects; A slowdown in thinking as well as reaction time, lack of concentration, memory loss, impaired coordination, confusion are all examples. The effects may result in mishaps and unwanted accidents and the worst case, death. Therefore, it is essential you check for drug abuse on a regular basis.

Do your research and purchase drug test kits that fit your requirements. Ensure you are buying multi-panel drugs test kits, as these will detect more drugs and possibly identify drugs you weren’t aware they were using.

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Self drug test kits for use at home

Self Drug Test Kits

Self drug test kits are proving to be very effective in controlling drug abuse.

In the US and many cities around the world, the use of illicit substances amongst young adults is a growing issue that society is trying to curb. The main focus is on teens because they are in a phase of vulnerability as they are open to trying lots of different ways to get a ‘High’. It is at this age that they often try out drugs, alcohol and many other unsafe substances.

Teenagers all over the world often believe that they are just trying out these drugs to see what the big deal is about them. But they often end up becoming addicted. And a young person that is addicted to drugs and other illicit substances is unlikely to grow into a productive adult. That is if they make it to adulthood because many lose their lives to drugs and substance abuse and other related incidences.

That is why as a responsible parent, you have to ensure that your children stay clear of hazardous substances. You ought to watch them because, at this phase of their lives, they are very vulnerable to peer pressure. Using a home drug test kit is one of the best ways to find out if your child is abusing drugs. These safe and effective dip drug testing kits can help you discover teen drug abuse in its early stages. This can help you prevent them from getting addicted to these drugs of abuse. It can also help protect your kids from drug or alcohol abuse in the future.

A recovering addict can benefit with a self drug test.

Modern self drug test kits are so much effective because they are easy to use. These screening kits are designed to be easily administered by a parent or guardian. They can be used in your home without the need to have an expert medical practitioner with you. If you had to take your kids to a medical center for drug abuse checks, it would be expensive, time consuming and strain the relationship between parents and their children.

These kits are also liked by many people because they are effortless to take care of and also provide reliable outcomes. They can detect many drugs that are popular amongst teens like Spice, Marijuana, Opiates, Cocaine, Oxycodone, Alcohol, Methamphetamine and many others. So once, you buy self drug test kits, you don’t have to worry that your kid is taking a drug that cannot be detected.

One interesting thing that often happens after you buy drug test kits for your residence is that it acts as a deterrent. Kids, who know that their parents regularly test them, will try and avoid the use of these drugs all together. Remember, examining your kids often does not suggest that you do not trust them. Instead, you are ensuring that your child is making the right decisions and keeping away from drugs and substance abuse.

Self drug test kits for use at home.

self drug test kits

Question: What are self drug test kits and how do they compare to a laboratory drug test?

Answer: A self drug test kit is a competitive immunoassay screening device capable of giving almost instant drug test results using dry chemistry. A laboratory will use a similar method to initially screen a test sample. If a sample produces a presumptive positive result, meaning the initial screen shows a positive reading, then the sample will be further analyzed, typically using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

This is a confirmation of the suspect sample to prove that there is in deed a drug present. The screening method for use at home or in a lab is much the same. What determines a negative or a presumptive positive is the cut-off level. Cut-off levels are set at a point where there is a demonstrably high statistical probability that the drug will be detected if present.  More information can be found at  National Institution on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Question: How does this help me?

Answer: Most drug test kits are FDA cleared, so they can be used at home without supervision. Refer to our instructions on how to properly collect a urine sample from a person for a drug test. We recommend that this method be used for employee and at home drug testing.

Question: What type of drug test kits are available?

Answer: Typically, up to thirteen drugs can be detected in one test using Urine dip tests, Urine cup tests and Oral fluid tests. Oral fluid test kits are not normally FDA cleared so we advise you use urine drug test products.

Question: What are the best self test kits?

Answer: Five and ten panel self test kits are the most popular. Always use branded kits and never buy from a dubious source. Talk to a professional on what drugs you suspect the person has abused. You can search for suitable test kits that test for those drugs here.