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What are Drug Test Cup Kits?

What are Drug Test Cup Kits

What are Drug Test Cup Kits


Customers often ask us why there are different types of drug test kits and why urine is the preferred method for testing. Back in the 60’s, the military recognized an increase in the use of heroin among its personnel who served in the Vietnam War and implemented a drug testing program on troops returning from the front line. We will discuss why we prefer cup drug test kits later in this article. It was then expanded to personnel who were on active duty and became the first large-scale drug testing regime.

In the 70’s, the US government decided to address the problems related to drug abuse and created an office to coordinate with prevention education, rehabilitation, treatment, training in all the federal agencies.

Workplace drug testing began to increase in the 80’s as a way of ensuring employees were drug-free. The scientific validity of drug-testing resulted in litigation because there were no standards. The US Government decided to take action to address this in 1986 when President Reagan issued an executive order announcing the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program. All government agencies were required to develop plans for achieving this. In 1987 an expansion to this order was developed to establish a comprehensive standard for all aspects of laboratory drug testing.

What are Drug Test Cup KitsWhat are Drug Test Cup Kits and why they’re preferred?

Drug test Cup kits are the clean and preferred option for testing. They contain multiple urine drug screening panels which can test up to 14 different drugs simultaneously. The cup checks for temperature accuracy, establishing the temperature is within an acceptable range. This is an important step prior to the drug test. Cups also include the most important test which establishes the integrity of the urine sample.

These are the most common tests for drugs of abuse: amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, metabolite, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methadone, propoxyphene, and oxycodone.

The rapid instant drug test (Immunoassay)

In the early days of drug testing, workplaces outsourced employee testing to the laboratories. In 1975 scientists developed a non-laboratory drug test called an immunoassay. This was a rapid test to screen individuals for signs of drug abuse and could be used on-site. However early immunoassays* caused problems with false positive results and cross-reactions. But the birth of on-site workplace testing had begun.

*Immunoassays are reagent tests that are formulated to recognize analytes within specific drug classes and are set to determine thresholds of substance use and abuse. These thresholds (or cut-off levels) were set by standards conceived by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. SAMSHA and are now the standard throughout the United States.

Workplace drug testing

Urine sample collection procedures need to strike a balance between trusting clients and ensuring that specimens were not contaminated or falsified. Inconsistencies in method and management caused problems, many of which resulted in lawsuits. But fast and accurate drug testing enabled employers to make informed hiring or return-to-work decisions and this quickly and became a convenient way of testing.

Employers asked what are drug test cup kits? They soon realized that this was the way forward and quickly adopted this type of test. They are easy to use, produced quick, accurate results and best of all the test was fitted inside the test cup. This provided administrators with a clean and cost-effective method to test their employees.

How to beat a drug test.

Information about how to beat the drug test has become widely available on the web. Sites advertise overpriced products that can be added to urine specimens to absorb toxins. Substitute urine is also used to beat the test. It is used instead of their sample, however, it can easily be detected as fake as it has NO SMELL. Substitute urine was originally developed for labs to calibrate their equipment but is now available from many sources. There are herbal remedies that can be consumed a few hours before testing to cleanse the urine as well. In our experience, most of these have little effect. If you are vigilant and follow a strict administration policy, then it is possible to determine whether the sample provided is, in fact, legitimate and not adulterated.

The drug test.

What are drug test cup kits all about? In order to ascertain whether an individual has used drugs of abuse or not is not always clear. Urine has been and remains the most widely used body fluid specimen for routine testing. Drug testing is commonly employed to check for the presence of many drugs. It is now a routine practice for the workplace to have drugs testing programs that use the rapid drug test cup kits (immunoassay*) as an initial testing methodology.

This initial process is used to identify and separate donor samples from those that are negative and those that are presumed positive. Presumed positives are sent for confirmation to a lab. For on-site testing, the employee is provided with the specimen collection cup. The employee provides a urine sample directly into the cup. The employee is then asked to secure the lid tightly and hand it back to the administrator. The administrator can now determine very quickly whether the sample is negative or positive and whether the sample has been adulterated or not.  Non-negative or presumed positive specimens are sent to a certified SAMHSA lab for confirmation testing. All confirmed non-negatives can be sent to a Medical Review Officer for review.


Cup drug test kits are manufactured for a reason. They can do so much more when testing for drugs and are likely to identify the abuser more often. In conclusion, if it’s not a cup drug test kit, it’s likely the donor will escape detection and pass their drug test. The question is, do you want that to happen in your workplace. The potential for abusers being around safety-sensitive equipment and hurting someone whilst ‘high’ could be catastrophic. Be warned, spend the extra few dollars and save yourself thousands.

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Choosing the right drug test kits

Choosing the right drug test kits

Choosing the right drug test kits for your your family.

If you observe any sudden behavioral changes in your teenage child, there are chances he/she may be consuming illicit drugs. A good number of parents across the globe are highly concerned about their children who may be compromising their future by abusing drugs.

However, sudden behavioral changes do not arise only due to drug or alcohol abuse, and therefore you cannot easily conclude that your child in on drugs. Behavioral changes may occur due to depression and academic stress. Numerous drug test kits are presently available in the market that can help you find out if your child is actually on drugs. You do not require any specific training, as these kits are very easy to use.

Choosing the right drug test kits.

The most popular types of tests kits available are saliva and urine because the results are instant. A hair test is capable of detecting the presence of drugs up to 90 days, while a urine test can detect drugs from 3-30 days depending on the drug and how often it was abused.

Saliva test can only detect the drug use up to a day or two after they have been consumed. Performing drug tests at home and the workplace can save you a huge amount of money. You do not have to drive anywhere to get those expensive tests done. You can do it all for much less than you would have spent had you visited your doctor.

Choosing the right drug test kits for the workplace.

You may not require drug test kits for your teenage kids, but if you own a business, you would probably want to keep a close watch on your staff. The possibility some of your staff members are be working under the influence of drugs and alcohol is highly likely. You definitely would not want them to work under the influence, as there are many threats; absenteeism, loss of productivity, accidents, theft and workers comp insurance claims. All of these can greatly affect your overall bottom line to your business.

It takes just a few minutes to perform a drug test and by doing so may save a life! Take the test on your knowledge of drugs.

In conclusion, choosing the right drug test kits may well depend on overall price,  convenience and if you want an result.

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Why use drug test kits

Why use drug test kits

Why use drug test kits?

Why use drug test kits is a good question, the answer is because drug abuse is on the rise.

This is information you may not be aware of. June of 2007 saw the first real interest in drug testing at home and testing in the workplace. January 2008 also saw a spike. In trying to understand this new interest, I did some research. Firstly I examined each state to see if state laws had any effect.

New York and Utah showed the biggest interest while states such as New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada showed very little interest.

Back in 2004 there seemed to be a steady decrease in the need for workplace drug test kits, but since January 2013 that decrease has changed to a sharp increase.

It seems that employers are beginning to see that drug abuse is a serious problem and are again seeing the need to employ a drug free program in the workplace.

The cost of not having a drug free workplace can be substantial, figures show that the losses due to company theft, workplace accidents, days off work, loss in productivity and not forgetting workers comp claims can have a big effect to the bottom line.

Drug abuse awareness.

Drug abuse awareness seems to be much the same across the United States but the implications for society and the workplace is devastating. The need for understanding why is generally low. What they don’t seem to understand is that for little money most of these costs can be averted.

Drug related accidents are on the increase, since January 2012 workers comp claims have increased by 40%. In California workers comp claims has shown a big increase too. Likewise drug abuse by teenagers is also on the increase particularly with drug related automobile accidents and family related violence.

Serious accidents to employers due to drug abuse are costing companies thousands of dollars each year.

Start saving money and drug test your employees.

Why use drug test kitsWith a little understanding and some simple rules, drug testing can be so affordable, and there has never been a better time to test your employees and know the truth about their habits. Improve that all important bottom line and put a stop to drug abuse.

You may ask why use drug test kits at all? Time and time again it has been proven that that testing individuals for signs of abuse significantly reduces crime, abuse, theft, days off work, claims for workers compensation, and the overall confidence that individuals are working without being under the influence.

In conclusion, why use drug test kits? Look around, are your employees absent too often, are there too many accidents in the workplace? At home do you see odd behavior from members in the family, have you heard that their friends have been experimenting with marijuana? Have you seen money go missing? Have you noticed that drugs from the medicine cabinet have gone missing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is why you should use drug test kits.

Don’t forget, we are not just talking about illicit drugs we are talking about abuse of prescription drugs too. These can all be tested by using low cost drug test kits from Buy a Test

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Buying a drug test kit

Drug Test Kits Direct on-line

Buying a drug test kit to detect drug abuse.

Buying a drug test kit for detecting drug abuse need not be difficult. Do your research and decide what drugs you need to test, but make sure that it detects the drugs you chose and not just the cheapest you could find. Make sure the test you buy detects the drugs you need and include some you don’t because often abusers take more than one drug and may even switch to another if they think you are on to them. Finally before you perform the test, read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you understand the process and how to use it properly.

Process for testing.

  • Remove the device from the sealed wrapper, and place on a flat surface.
  • Ask the donor to provide 30 to 100 ml of urine in a cup.
  • It is a good idea to check the temperature as donors have been known to provide fake samples.
  • Check that the sample temperature is within 93 to 98°F.
  • If it’s not don’t accept the sample. Ask the donor to provide a new sample. Remember to check the temperature again.
  • Check that the sample has an odor, also observe the color of the sample.
  • If you are satisfied that the sample is satisfactory, then proceed with the testing.

Buying a drug test kitDip drug test kit.

  • Remove the cap from the device and immerse the tips of the device into the urine for 20 seconds.
  • Remove from the urine and replace the cap.
  • NOTE. Only immerse the tips, not the whole device into the urine.
  • Place on a flat surface and wait for the results to appear.

Buying a drug test kitCup drug test kit.

  • For cups the process is slightly different. This depends to some extent on the brand. In this example we will use the EliteScreen Eco cup.
  • Unscrew the cup lid and place on one side.
  • Ask the donor to provide a sample of urine to the level marked on the cup.
  • Check the temperature is in range; 93 to 98°F.
  • Once confirmed, reattach the lid and wait for 3 minutes then remove the label from the face of the cup.
  • Within a few minutes the results will appear. You will start to see a colored lines appear in the window.
  • Within five minutes the results will have fully developed.


  • Negative: two lines appear. (C) and (T) lines.
  • Invalid: no lines appear or the (C) control line is not present.
  • Presumed positive: control line (c) is visible but the test line (T) is not apparent.

Buying a drug test kit

In the case of a presumed positive the urine sample should be packaged and sent to a SAMSHA approved laboratory. This is important as the result needs to be confirmed. The confirmation will quantify the amount of drug(s) found.

The amount found can be used as a reference to compare against future test results.

Buying a drug test kit for marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

First of all visit sites like For more information, visit NIDA

Buy a drug test kit need not be a worry, there is plenty of help all over the web.

Especially relevant is how many panels the drug test has. Having 5 panels for instance can test for five drugs simultaneously each panel will display the result for that specific drug. Using this kind of test is a sure way to detect the most commonly abused drugs by using urine.

There are other drugs that can be screened too, these include, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone and oxycodone.

There are over twenty different drugs that can be tested in this way when you buy a test kit.

Remember when buying a drug test kit that tests for the drugs you wish to test for. Keep them handy for when you might need to use them again. Reasons for testing may include: reasonable suspicion, which includes unusual behavior, paraphernalia found, monitoring rehabilitation, post accident, return back to work and pre-employment.