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Buying a drug test kit from the experts

Buying a drug test kit for marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The first thing you need to know is how many panels you need on the device. Using a five-panel device, for instance, you can analyze five drugs simultaneously each panel analyzes a specific drug. The results are displayed on the face of the product. Each brand is slightly different but it will only take a few minutes to familiarize yourself. Using this kind of device is a sure way to detect the most commonly abused drugs. Many different drugs can be screened in this way; these may include benzodiazepines, ... Read more

Why use drug test kits? After all, nobody I know uses drugs.

Why use drug test kits? Not testing an individual or employee for substance abuse may be the worst mistake you ever make. Here’s why.. June of 2007 saw the first real interest in drug testing at home and testing in the workplace. January 2008 also saw a spike. In trying to understand this new interest, I did some research. Firstly I examined each state to see if state laws had any effect. New York and Utah showed the biggest interest while states such as New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada showed very little interest. Back in 2004, there seemed to be ... Read more

What are Drug Test Cup Kits and why are they the best option?

What are Drug Test Cup Kits Introduction. Customers often ask us why there are different types of drug test kits and why urine is the preferred method for testing. Back in the ’60s, the military recognized an increase in the use of heroin among its personnel who served in the Vietnam War and implemented a drug testing program on troops returning from the front line. We will discuss why we prefer cup test kits later in this article. It was then expanded to personnel who were on active duty and became the first large-scale testing regime. In the ’70s, the US government decided to ... Read more

Choosing the right drug test kits for drug abuse

Should I be testing my family? If you observe any sudden behavioral changes in your teenage child, there are chances he/she may be consuming illicit drugs. A good number of parents across the globe are highly concerned about their children who may be compromising their future by abusing drugs. However, sudden behavioral changes do not arise only due to drug or alcohol abuse, and therefore you cannot easily conclude that your child in on drugs. Behavioral changes may occur due to depression and academic stress. Numerous drug test kits are presently available in the market that can help you find ... Read more

Drug test kit Reviews – Do you buy Quality or Cheap?

Drug test kit reviews. Ever wonder why there are significant differences in price between different test kits? Heard the saying “You get what you pay for” or “It’s too good to be true?” Well, the chances are it probably is! The outcome of the analysis whether in the workplace or at home could change someone’s life forever. The quality of the drug testing kit you purchase is the first thing to consider, but correctly performing the test is essential too. Guidelines for testing Use our guidelines for testing individuals; This will at least ensure that the test is being completed ... Read more