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What are the best home drug test kits?

Urine Temperature check

The best home drug test kits for home.

There is much confusion when it comes to deciding what are the best home drug test kits. It all depends what you want you to test for, there are different tests for different reasons.

There are urine tests, oral tests, hair tests, and sweat tests. Each one has its place. Most commonly used are urine dip tests and the more advanced test cups. Both require a urine sample for analysis. But what about lab tests? It is only necessary to get a lab test if you are mandated by your company or if it is a Federal test. We would, however, recommend that if a urine test was done at home is presumed positive, send the sample to a convenient facility and have them test it for you.

What are the best home drug test kits to buy?

We advise that you use a ten (10) panel test kit because it detects ten drugs at once.

Here is some guidance on what to look for. Make sure they meet these minimum standards:

  • They are 99% accurate.
  • The cut-off levels meet the minimum standard set by NIDA
  • They are FDA 510(K) cleared.
  • They are CLIA waived.
  • Always buy from a repeatable supplier.
  • Make sure that it tests for the drugs you want to test for.
  • Make sure the test displays results clearly.
  • And Don’t buy the cheapest!
What are the best home drug test kits

Instant drug tests or lab tests?

Drug test kits have overtaken other methods of testing for drug abuse. Unlike typical laboratory testing methods, they are fast, simple to use and economical. You can use an instant drug test to test people that might be misusing or abusing illegal drugs. Home drug test kits are very popular as they can be used by parents for routine drug tests on their children.

Instant drug tests come in two different varieties; the simple dip method or a drug test cup. Cup kits are fully integrated and include a collection cup for the urine sample, a urine temperature test and the drug test all in one device. Cups are preferred because they are easier to use, dip tests are favored as they are cost effective.

Instant dip drug tests.

Drug test dip kits are great for detecting the presence of illegal drugs in urine samples as well as prescription drugs. The dip is a card that has a strip or series of strips that are dipped directly into a urine sample. The result of the test appears on the face of the panel. They are designed to detect from one to fourteen drugs simultaneously, depending how many panels it has. Multi-panel kits are favored as they can detect many drugs at once.

Instant cup drug tests.

What are the best home drug test kits

Test cups are designed to curb urine contamination because they often include a specimen adulterant test. The operational principle is the same as the dip test. The cup test has a built-in sample collector and a temperature test. This method of testing can also accommodate multi-panel testing where more than one drug can be detected at once.

Instant drug tests or lab tests? Both instant and lab tests are efficient in revealing the outcomes with a quality result. An instant test takes between 3 to 8 minutes to get a result, whereas a lab test may take several days.

Many people get puzzled how to read the results from an instant test, although the overriding principle is so straightforward. Anyone can use these test kits in their homes without looking for professional support Where to get drug test kits is not headache either. One can consider buying them online. There are many sites that are helping people find out where to get drug test kits that are correctly priced, dependable, and simple to use, apart from being approved by the FDA and CLIA waived.

Drug tests or lab tests? Instant tests are great for parents and for employers who want to test their employees regularly. Parents use them to ensure their kids are not using illegal drugs. Employers are testing their employees more and more because it can help in reducing workman compensation claims. It also helps to reduce overall costs from theft and accidents as a result of drug abuse.

Geographically, it doesn’t matter where you are, drug abuse is actually a global problem and it is destroying many lives in its wake.

When making the decision on what are the best home drug test kits the final choice between instant drug tests or lab tests has to your decision. Don’t buy the cheapest as you want to know with accuracy the outcome.

If you are a parent then home drug test kits are just what you need. If you have found signs of drug use in the home or you have noticed abnormal behavior from your loved ones, then test them and if the result is positive, get the sample confirmed by a lab.

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Instant drug tests or Lab tests

Instant drug tests or Lab tests

Should I be using instant drug tests or lab tests?

We often get asked the question, should I use an instant drug test as opposed to a lab test. Instant drug tests or Lab tests it doesn’t matter as the preliminary result will likely be the same. To decide which is the best option we need to delve a little deeper to establish why you need to test in the first place.

Parents regularly use instant drug tests because they can use them in the privacy of their own home and get immediate results. The costs are low, and the results are immediate and offer guidance on what drugs if any are being abused.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a lab drug test?

  • Must be used for all Federal testing
  • If a substance is detected, it will be quantified
  • Results maybe court admissible
  • Can be expensive
  • Results can take up to 5 days
  • Generally, the result is sent by email
  • You may have to travel to a lab to deliver the sample.
Instant drug tests
Five panel instant drug test

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an instant drug test?

  • Results are almost instant
  • There is no waiting for the results
  • Tests are low cost
  • Complete the test in the privacy of the home or workplace
  • Test kits can potentially detect up to thirteen different drugs simultaneously.
  • The quality, always buy from a reputable supplier
  • Only provides a qualitative result (Positive or Negative)
  • Errors by not following directions on use.

The conclusion for instant drug tests or lab tests is simple; if you are on a budget, want to test on demand and want to keep it private, then an instant drug test may well be the solution.

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Drug confirmation test – Why is it so important?

Drug confirmation test

Drug test kits vary in design but the principles are all the same.

A drug confirmation test is required when you get a presumed positive result from a rapid or instant drug test kit.

Drug testing has now become a necessary part of our lifestyle. Illicit and prescription drugs are being used and abused more and more, and this is hurting our society and putting people’s lives in danger. Typically, areas to be concerned with are the workplace, schools and at home, but anywhere where there are signs of abuse the person in question should be tested.

Implementing drug testing whether it be in the home or the workplace is very straightforward. Try to follow our instructions on how to collect the specimen correctly. The collection, testing and interpretation are very important, but what happens when a test result is presumed positive? What do you do? Firstly, be certain that you followed our guidelines and that everything went to plan.

If you see a Pinky-red line (C) the test was successful. If you see a Pinky-red line (T) the result is negative. If you see a faint Pinky-red line (T) the result is still negative. If there is no line (T) then consider a drug confirmation test to prove the presumed positive, meaning the sample should be analyzed further by a SAMHSA approved laboratory.

Why is a drug confirmation test so important?

A laboratory is needed to confirm your presumed positive test and give you an accurate confirmatory result. They will initially screen your sample again. If the result is negative, then that’s the end of the process. If its presumed positive, they will further analyze your sample using a lab technique called Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry technology (GC-MS). This method is very accurate. If a drug or drugs are found, the confirmation will report the findings detailing what drugs were discovered and how much was found. The results are reported in Nanograms per Millilitre (ng/ml).

As an example; a rapid drug test kit would have a cut-off level for THC, (marijuana) of 50 ng/ml. If the result is 55 ng/ml then the person being tested (the donor) is only just over the limit which is a level recommended by SAMHSA. On the other hand if the result is 505 ng/ml then the donor is probably a regular user. Based on the results you get back from the lab you can then make a decision on how to treat the situation and how to proceed forward. We would always recommend continued random testing until the results are negative.

What do I do with the sample prior to getting a drug confirmation test?

  • Before it is shipped to a SAMHSA approved laboratory. You should I keep the sample refrigeratedYes and keep it a sealed container until it’s dispatched.
  • How long will it take to get the pre-paid mailing kit? Typically three days from your request.
  • What do I do when I receive the mailer? Full instructions will be included in the mailer on how to prepare the sample for shipping and what documents should be included and where to ship it to.
  • What is included in the package? You will receive a Clinical FedEX envelope, mailing label, chain of custody form, specimen box, specimen container and specimen bag.
  • How long will it take before I get a report? Typically one to three working days from receipt of sample.
  • How will I receive the results of the test? You will receive a full report via confidential email as soon as the lab has finalized its findings.