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What are the best home drug test kits?

The best home drug test kits for home. There is much confusion when it comes to deciding what are the best home drug test kits. It all depends on what you want you to test for, as there are different tests for different reasons. There are urine tests, oral tests, hair tests, and sweat tests. Each one has its place. Most commonly used are urine dip tests and the more advanced cups. Both require a urine sample for analysis. But what about lab tests? It is only necessary to get a lab analysis if you are mandated by your company ... Read more

Instant drug tests or Lab tests

Should I be using instant drug tests or lab tests? We often get asked the question, should I use an instant drug test as opposed to a lab test. Instant tests typically give the same result as a lab test — if the result is negative. If the results are presumed positive then a lab test will give levels for the drug found. To decide which is the best option we need to delve a little deeper to establish why you need to test in the first place. Parents regularly use these tests because they can use them in the ... Read more

Drug confirmation test – Why is it so important?

Drug test kits vary in design but the principles are all the same. A drug confirmation test is required when you get a presumed positive result from a rapid or instant drug test kit. Drug testing has now become a necessary part of our lifestyle. Illicit and prescription drugs are being used and abused more and more, and this is hurting our society and putting people’s lives in danger. Typically, areas to be concerned with are the workplace, schools and at home, but anywhere where there are signs of abuse the person in question should be tested. Implementing drug testing whether ... Read more