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Choosing the right drug test for employees or family

Choosing the right drug test. Substance abuse testing. Choosing the right test for employees or family can be hit or miss unless you know what you are doing. Read our guide on testing, cost saving, and the benefits. Observing behavioral changes in your teen may be a sign that they may be consuming illicit substances in their room or out with their friends. A good number of parents across the US are very concerned that their children maybe compromising their future by substance abuse. Of course, sudden behavioral changes may not be due to abuse, and so you cannot easily ... Read more

What are the best home drug test kits?

The best home drug test kits for home. There is much confusion when it comes to deciding what are the best home drug test kits. It all depends on what you want you to test for, as there are different tests for different reasons. There are urine tests, oral tests, hair tests, and sweat tests. Each one has its place. Most commonly used are urine dip tests and the more advanced cups. Both require a urine sample for analysis. But what about lab tests? It is only necessary to get a lab analysis if you are mandated by your company ... Read more

Why are there different drug test panels?

Why are there different drug test panels? All the analysis is achieved from the different drug test panels. A panel is a way to describe how many substances are detected by a given assay. And so, asking for a five-panel drug test only tells us how many substances are detected at once. What is more important is what the different drug test panels actually detect. A panel means nothing on its own it’s just a description of how many tests are done at once. When you buy a test kit it’s important to understand what drugs are to be tested ... Read more