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Beware of danger as Opioid Abuse hits the Workplace!

New survey suggests Opioid Abuse hits the Workplace Opioid abuse is in the workplace, employees are using and abusing prescription drugs to get high to help them through the day.  A new survey reveals 70 percent of businesses are saying it’s affecting their workers. The survey from the National Safety Council also found that while 71 percent of employers believe that abuse of opioid abuse is a disease that requires treatment, 65 percent also consider it a justifiable reason to fire a worker. The medicine cabinet is the source from where most of these drugs are coming from.  Prescribed prescription drugs and ... Read more

Learn More About Illicit Drugs Substance Abuse

Learn More About Illicit Drugs Substance Abuse Stuff you should know about illicit and prescription drugs. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is often painful for families and friends to endure. Testing an individual for abuse is straightforward. The list below outlines the most abused substances and from there you can find a suitable test. We have put together a list of commonly abused drugs showing their effects and symptoms. Moreover, we have provided links to products that detect these drugs. Nicotine Metabolites Cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine, is an analyte for the determination of tobacco usage. Nicotine can be ... Read more

Prescription and Narcotic drug test kits for all

You can now test for prescription drugs with new devices. Once upon a time, the main drugs of abuse were hashish, amphetamines (Speed), cocaine and Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Times have changed and so have habits. Users are trying ‘new street drugs’, and as we hear every day on the news, it is reaching epidemic levels. So what is going on? While people get addicted, street sellers (pushers) will supply and feed the needs of addiction. And it will never stop while there is a demand and profit. Drugs have advanced, mainly because of smart scientists who keep making new formulas ... Read more